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Trying out Adam Rawson's Basque pop-up at the Newman Arms

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As anyone who came to our Elements party will know, chef Adam Rawson is certainly one to watch. He was proclaimed Chef of the Year at last year's YBFs after coming to attention heading up the kitchen at Pachamama. Now he's spending the coming months globetrotting and bringing back the food and inspiration from his travels for a series of supperclubs.

We were lucky enough to go along to the first one - a Basque-inspired series of lunches and dinners held upstairs at the Newman Arms in Fitzrovia. It was amazing value - with 6 courses plus snacks, and a glass of cider or wine for lunch being just £40. And, given the entire menu was in Basque, we had no idea what was coming, which was rather fun - you get a translated menu at the end.

The gallery below should whet your appetite, because if what we had is anything to go by, every one of his upcoming supperclubs - inspired by visiting countries like Croatia, Sardinia and Morocco - should be a sellout.

And you don't have to wait long, as the next event is already on sale. This time, he'll be putting on a night of Galician steak, inspired by Basque restaurant Casa Julien - and you can book that now

Keep up with Adam's news and details of his next events by following him on Twitter @adamrawson89. And you can book his next Basque supperclub here

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