A new Japan Centre with a huge food court is coming to London

A new Japan Centre with a huge food court is coming to Town

Good news for fans of Japan Centre on Shaftesbury Avenue as they have a big new flagship store planned for Haymarket. Here's what we know about the place so far:

They'll have a Japanese food hall with a 100 seater courtyard. This will be evoking the feel of Japanese basement food halls - we've been to a couple in Tokyo and they are amazing - with lots of specialist food rooms as a part of that.

The three specialist rooms will cover tea, fresh miso and sake. In all of these expect a large range of Japanese goods, many exclusive to Japan Centre, as well as experts to guide you through. 

And then there's the main food hall. That will have all the goods you can expect from the current Japan Centre as well as a Japanese bakery, fruit & vegetable stalls, fresh sashimi fish and meat counters. There will also be a demo kitchen and a deli with freshly prepared ramen, hand pulled udon, Japanese curry, and a wide variety of gyoza and tempura.

We have to admit, we're regulars at the current Japan Centre (we frequent the aisle pictured above rather a lot), so we can't wait for all of this. 

Where: 35B Panton Street, London SW1Y 4EA

When: 13 September 2017

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @JapanCentre.