The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2021 - the complete list

The World's 50 Best Restaurant list is the restaurant world's nearest equivalent to the Oscars. Every year hundreds of restaurant experts - all 'well-travelled restaurant commentators, chefs or restaurateurs’ vote for their favourite restaurants. We take a closer look at the top ten restaurants from the 2021 World's list to find out what's so great about them, as well as the full rundown from 1-100. 


World's 50 best restaurants 2021: The top 10


1 - Noma

Where in the world? Copenhagen, Denmark

What's so great about it? Having previously topped the list four times, Noma has done it again. It's probably the restaurant most associated with the World's 50 Best and is certainly the one that, when it first nabbed the spot in 2010, brought both the list and restaurant global fame. Having closed the original Noma down and reopened just by the edge of Christiania, René Redzepi and his team created a new space and approach (which means that, unlike other no 1 restaurants, they got another go at the top spot). Menus change according to the season - focusing on seafood in winter and spring, game and forest produce from October to December and then purely vegetarian and vegan during the summer.

How much: Evening meal from £320 without wine, Lunch £469 with juice, £561 with wine

For more info: Noma website 



2 - Geranium

Where in the world? Copenhagen, Denmark

What's so great about it? This three Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen is from Rasmus Kofoed, with a new take on Scandinavian cooking. Plus there are some stunning views.

How much: Dinner menu from £320 (three hours), Lunch £320 or £206 for the 2-hour version

For more info: Geranium website


Asador Extebarri

3 - Asador Extebarri

Where in the world? Atxondo, Spain

What's so great about it? Located between Bilbao and Spanish food mecca San Sebastian, this is wood-fired barbecue like you've never had it before. Its chef Victor Arguinzoniz is a local and his kitchen is all built by himself. Victor has his own buffalo grazing nearby and serves up produce from his garden too. Victor also picked up the Chef's Choice Award at this year's ceremony.

How much: A booking is €209 (taken off the total bill)

For more info: Asador Extebarri website  



6 - Central

Where in the world? Lima, Peru

What's so great about it? Chef Virgilio Martinez - who also owns Lima in London - is all about discovering and championing local ingredients, whether from the lower Andes or the coastline of Peru. Each dish on the menu features the altitude its key ingredient can be found. How about Valley of the Trees, featuring carob, avocado and cactus from 230m? Central has also taken the top slot in Latin America's 50 Best Restaurant list.

How much: Various menus, from around £85 per person

For more info: Central website


Disfrutar, Barcelona

5 - Disfrutar, Barcelona

Where in the world? Barcelona, Spain

What's so great about it? Founders Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch all met whilst working at elBulli. Here in their restaurant in the heart of Barcelona, they're all about the element of surprise, so you won't see a menu before you arrive. It's molecular gastronomy, but where taste hasn't been sacrificed at the alter of 'just because we can'.

How much: From €165 for the classic tasting menu

For more info: Disfrutar website



6 - Frantzen

Where in the world? Stockholm, Sweden

What's so great about it? Since moving into its new digs, Bjorn Frantzen's restaurant has been wowing diners, giving them a wholly immersive experience. Roam your way through the restaurant's floors as you progress through your meal. If you're gazing from afar you can torment yourself on their Instagram feed goggling at dishes like roasted guinea fowl with sea urchin hot sauce, finger lime, chrysanthemums, pine shoots and ikura on offer.⠀

How much: The tasting menu is about £320

For more info: The Frantzen website 



7 - Maido

Where in the world? Lima, Peru

What's so great about it? Maido in Lima is a Nikkei restaurant serving up a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food. Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura from Lima trained up first in America and then Japan. Expect dishes like dulce de leche churros with cinnamon ice cream and the 50-hour wagyu shortrib is not to be missed.

How much: From around £75 (£65 for vegetarian)

For more info: Maido website



8 - Odette

Where in the world? Singapore

What's so great about it? French chef Julien Royer has been cooking up a storm at this restaurant in Singapore's National Gallery - winning a slew of awards before securing this top 10 position. Londoners might recognise the GM Steven Mason from his stint at The Ledbury. It serves modern French food inspired by Royer's years in Asia.

How much: Lunch from about £130, dinner from about £190

For more info: The Odette website 



9 - Pujol

Where in the world? Mexico City

What's so great about it? Enrique Olvera's Mexico City restaurant propelled him to fame before he opened his NYC places Cosme and Atla. Here he celebrates rustic Mexican cuisine but through his own contemporary lens. Make sure to have the 1500 day aged mole.

How much: Average cost about £90 a head

For more info: The Pujol website 


10 - The Chairman

10 - The Chairman

Where in the world? Hong Kong, China

What's so great about it? What do you get when you mix traditional Cantonese techniques and traditions with a modern ingredient-driven approach to cooking? The huge success that is Danny Yip's The Chairman. Good luck getting a reservation - but if you do, be sure to order the Shaoxing wine-doused flower crab.

How much: A la carte prices, a set dinner for four is about £80 a head.

For more info: The Chairman website 



World's 50 best restaurants 2021: 11 - 50

UK entries are in bold below

  • 11 - Den, Tokyo
  • 12 - Steirereck, Vienna, Austria
  • 13 - Don Julio Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 14 - Mugaritz, San Sebastián, Spain
  • 15 - Lido 84, Gardeone Riviera, Italy
  • 16 - Elkano, Getaria, Spain
  • 17 - A Casa do Porco São Paulo, Brazil
  • 18 - Piazza Duomo, Alba, Italy
  • 19 - Narisawa, Tokyo
  • 20 - Diverxo, Madrid
  • 21 - Hisa Franko, Slovenia
  • 22 - Cosme, New York
  • 23 - Arpege, Paris, France 
  • 24 - Septime, Paris
  • 25 - White Rabbit, Moscow
  • 26 - Le Calandre, Rubano, Italy
  • 27 - Quintonil, Mexico City
  • 28 - Benu, San Francisco, USA
  • 29 - Reale, Italy
  • 30 - Twins Garden, Moscow, Russia
  • 31 - Restaurant Tim Raue, Berlin
  • 32 - The Clove Club, London
  • 33 - Lyles, London
  • 34 - Burnt Ends, Singapore
  • 35 - Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China
  • 36 - Hof Van Cleve Kruishoutem, Belgium
  • 37 - Singlethread, USA
  • 38 - Boragó, Santiago, Chile
  • 39 - Florilege, Tokyo, Japan
  • 40 - Sühring, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 41 - Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen, Paris, France
  • 42 - Belcanto, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 43 - Atomix, New York, USA 
  • 44 - Le Bernardin, New York, USA
  • 45 - Nobelhart and Schmutzig, Berlin, Germany
  • 46 - Leo, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 47 - Maaemo, Oslo, Norway
  • 48 - Atelier Crenn - San Francisco, USA
  • 49 - Azurmendi, Larrabetzu, Spain
  • 50 - Wolfgat, Paternoster, South Africa


World's 50 best restaurants 2021: 51 - 100

UK entries in the top 51 - 120 are in bold below:

  • 51. Nihonryori RyuGin, Tokyo, Japan
  • 52. Uliassi, Senegallia, Italy
  • 53. Nerua, Bilbao, Spain
  • 54. St. Hubertus. San Cassiano, Italy
  • 55. Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare, New York, USA
  • 56. Sud 777, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 57. Brae, Birregurra, Australia
  • 58. Alchemist, Copenhagen, Switzerland
  • 59. Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau, Switzerland
  • 60. Mikla, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 61. D.O.M., Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • 62. Mingles, Seoul, South Korea
  • 63. Sorn, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 64. Core, London, UK
  • 65. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London, UK
  • 66. The Jane, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 67. Oteque, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
  • 68. Alcalde, Guadalajara, Mexico
  • 69. De Librije, Zwolle, Netherlands
  • 70. Alinea, Chicago, USA
  • 71. Vea, Hong Kong
  • 72. Le Du, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 73. Il Ristorante Luca Fantin, Tokyo, Japan
  • 74. Quique Dacosta, Denia, Spain
  • 75. Sazenka Tokyo, Japan
  • 76. La Cime, Tokyo, Japan
  • 77. Willem Hiele, Koksidje, Belgium
  • 78. Brat, London, UK
  • 79. Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
  • 80. El Chato, Bogota, Colombia
  • 81. La Colombe, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 82. Indian Accent, New Delhi, India
  • 83. Epicure, Paris, France
  • 84. Le Clarence, Paris, France
  • 85. Lasai, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
  • 86. Restaurant David Toutain, Paris, France
  • 87. Ikoyi, London, UK (One to Watch)
  • 88. Belon, Hong Kong, China
  • 89. Amass, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 90. Mil, Cusco, Peru
  • 91 La Grenouillère, La Madelaine-Sous-Montreuil, France
  • 92. Fyn, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 93. Gaa, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 94. Arzak, San Sebastian, Spain
  • 95. Kjolle, Lima, Peru
  • 96. Astrid y Gaston, Lima, Peru
  • 97. Attica, Melbourne, Australia
  • 98. Alo, Toronto, Canada
  • 99. L’Effervescence, Tokyo, Japan
  • 100. Amber, Hong Kong


Special awards

  • One to watch - Ikoyi (London)
  • Art of hospitality - Steirereck
  • Best chef - Victor Arguinzoniz of Asador Etxebarri
  • Best sustainable restaurant - Borago, Santiago, Chile
  • Best pastry chef - Will Goldfarb, Room4dessert
  • Icon Award - Dominique Cren, Atelier Crenn, Petit Crenn and Bar Crenn, USA
  • Best female chef - Pía León Kjolle, Central and Mil, Peru
  • Champions of Change - Kurt Evans (USA), Viviana Varese (Italy), Deepanker Khosla (Thailand)


The Best of the Best (hall of fame)

Now that previous chart-toppers aren't allowed to win the top spot again (Noma excepted because it's a new restaurant) they move into this list: 

  • Mirazur - France
  • El Bulli, Spain
  • The French Laundry, USA
  • The Fat Duck, UK
  • Noma (original location), Copenhagen
  • El Celler de Can Roca, Spain
  • Osteria Francescana, Italy
  • Eleven Madison Park, USA


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