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Time-off is a precious commodity for chefs these days. With many working an average of 6 days a week and often 14 hours a day, it's important to pick a good place for some down-time drinks. So, where do chefs like to go for pre and post-dinner drinks? Hot Dinners get the inside scoop from some of London’s top chefs…

Zetter TownhouseZetter Townhouse

Anna Hansen
Chef Patron of Modern Pantry
"The Zetter Townhouse is fantastic. They do loads of great cocktails."

Bruno Loubet
Chef Patron of Bistrot Bruno Loubet
"I don’t really do bars but I am lucky to have The Zetter Townhouse adjacent to my restaurant or I’d say 69 Colebrooke Row is pretty good."

Ashley Palmer Watts
Head Chef of Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
"The Zetter Townhouse for incredible cocktails and a great room - the drinks are so good. Other bars I love to go to are Shochu lounge for that whole subterranean vibe with the Manga wall and great food if you want a bite to eat, then Purl Bar would have to be in there too. Again brilliant cocktails with guys that are really into what they are doing, so really enjoyable and the liquid nitro martinis are legendary but I can only manage one!! All three bars are so different but are all creative with their drinks and that's the thing that makes me want to go back again and again."

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69 Colebrooke Row

Francesco Mazzei
Chef Patron on L’Anima
"I love 69 Colebrooke Row. The staff are lovely and the drinks are fantastic. Tony Conigliaro makes incredible drinks."

Daniel Doherty
Head Chef of Duck and Waffle
"It has to be 69 Colebrook Row. Their creative drinks rock! Especially the Perrier oyster."

Chris Hruskova
Head Chef at North Road
"69 Colebrooke Row for their experimental drinks, brilliant charming staff and hidden location."

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London Cocktail Club

Ben Spalding
Ex Roganic & now running ‘Stripped Back’ at Broadway Market
"The London Cocktail Clubs are a good laugh, depending on where I am heading for dinner and also any decent pub with a buzz nearby the restaurant. Ember Bar in Turnmill Street in Farringdon is right near my favourite club, Fabric."

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James Lowe
Young Turks’ Chef
"For drinks in London, it has to be upstairs at Rules, it's one of a kind and generally not busy."

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The ConnaughtThe Connaught

Atul Kochhar
Chef Patron at Benares
"I love Mayfair and the Connaught Bar is one of my favourites. It’s so elegant and classic, and drinks are superb. The Martini trolley there is a real experience and great fun to be served from."

Pierre Koffmann
Chef Patron at Koffmann's
"The Connaught - there's just something about that Martini trolley. I dont drink martini - I prefer a campari - but it's such an experience"

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Jason Atherton
Chef Patron of Pollen Street Social
"I love the bar at The Cut for drinks, it's absolutely amazing."

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The Gilbert Scott

Jose Pizarro
Chef Patron of Jose and Pizzaro restaurants
"I don’t go out on the town as much as I used to, preferring to sit at Pizarro and sink some good Cava. However I love the bar at the Gilbert Scott and when I’m feeling adventurous, Nightjar never fails to delight."

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The Groucho Club

Richard Corrigan
Chef Patron of Corrigans and Bentley's
"It has to be The Groucho Club. They make me a special ‘Corrigan’ cocktail with lots of Bourbon and a splash of lemon."

Alyn Williams
Chef Patron of Alyn Williams at The Westbury
"The Groucho Club. I bloody love it there, its good fun. They make the best Bloody Mary with a slug of Bourbon."

Mark Hix
Chef Patron of Hix Restaurants
"I like to go to the The Groucho Club – usually for a Negroni"

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Mark's Bar at HixMark's Bar at Hix

Simon Rogan
Chef Patron of L’Enclume and Roganic
"The Hix Bar is a luxurious venue with a good atmosphere and very central location. I also love The Gun Makers in Marylebone; a relaxed, cool, proper London boozer with gun shells. It’s always packed and has a great atmosphere."

Luke Thomas
Luke’s Dining Room
"The Hix Bar; I love the concept – it’s quirky and the service is edgy. It has a great feel to it."

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Ollie Couillaud
Head Chef at The Lawn Bistro
"Freedom in soho, its always busy and has a good vibe. I also love the Intrepid Fox in Soho, too."

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A British pub

James Knappett
Ex Marcus Wareing/Ledbury Chef Head Chef, opening Bubbledogs
"I love going to a proper British pub for a pint or a gin and tonic. I really love gin and nothing can beat a traditional pub, not those trendy gastro places, but an old school pub that smells of scampi and chips. Perfect way to start the evening before heading out to a Michelin starred restaurant."

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