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London's burger joints are coming after the vegetarian pound. Those who shun meat no longer have to put up with their dish being an afterthought on a menu, especially when it comes to burgers. Chefs across London have been not just catering for, but excelling in producing creative and delicious vegetarian and vegan burgers. 

The places we've chosen below are delivering seriously good veggie burgers and we’ve looked in all corners of London and beyond to find them.


Burger and Beyond - Mushroom Raclette (the cheesy one)

Burger and Beyond

147 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JE

They're already pushing the boundaries with their standard burgers, so it makes sense that Burger and Beyond do just the same for vegetarians. This is "Panko Crusted Mushroom Patty, Melted Raclette, Caramelised Onion, Green Leaves, Smoked Garlic Mayo", available at their permanent Shoreditch restaurant. 

Sides: Pair that with some truffle tots on the side and you'll be very happy.

Price of the meal: Burger, tots and a beer including service approx. £25

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Mac and Wild - Bloody Roots Burger (the Scottish one)

Mac and Wild

Fitzrovia and The City

Yes, Mac and Wild are best known for their game menus and the venison burger - but they've put just as much effort into perfecting their veggie burger. The Bloody Roots burger still harks to their Scottishness with a veggie haggis, no less. It's "Macsween veggie haggis patty, beetroot ketchup, vegan cheesy fondue, soyannaise, ripped parsley & dill salad - served in a poppy seed bun."

Sides: The truffle mac and cheese, we think

Price of the meal: Burger, side and a beer including service approx. £25

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Roti Chai - Bun Tikki (the Indian one)

Roti Chai - Bun Tikki (the Indian one)

3 Portman Mews South, London W1H 6AY

Inspired by Indian street food, Roti Chai offers a moreish selection of small plates including the Bun Tikki -  a mini Amritsar style aloo tikki burger. But don’t stop there – the plates are small, so team it with the Aloo Papri Chaat (crunchy wheat crisps, potato, chickpeas, yoghurt) or the Hakka Chilli Paneer.

And if you're visiting Roti Chai’s sister restaurant, Chai Ki at breakfast, you'll want the Aloo Tikki Bun - that's spiced potato hash, fried egg, cheese and Chai Ki signature tamarind tomato ketchup.

Sides: Go for a warming bowl of Tarka Dhal

Price of the meal: Mini burger, 2 small dishes and a beer including service approx. £28

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Bleecker - Veggie Burger (the tofu one)

Bleecker - Veggie Burger (the tofu one)

Spitalfields, Victoria, Bloomberg, South Bank

With four locations around London, Bleecker offers a New York style burger - fried organic tofu with hot sauce, blue cheese sauce, lettuce, onion & sauce.

Sides: It’s all about the angry fries - fries with hot sauce & blue cheese sauce

Cost of a meal: burger, fries and a shake or beer will set you back around £15.

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Honest Burgers - Fritter 2.0 Burger (the cauliflower one)


Various locations

A large amount of Honest Burger locations now exist across the UK, so you know they are doing something right. The fritter burger avialiable in vegetarian (Cauliflower, sweetcorn and chickpea fritter, cheddar, lime and coriander mayo, hot sauce, red onion, tomato and lettuce) or vegan (Cauliflower, sweetcorn and chickpea fritter, vegan smoked Gouda, Rubies vegan chipotle ‘mayo’, French’s mustard, red onion, lettuce and pickles). Look out for their Plant Burger too - available in all branches. 

Sides: Onion rings, obvs.  Or if you need something refreshing, order the little gem, rocket, fennel & radish salad

Cost of a meal: They serve cocktails! Have one! It's only £6 and they do a recommended Kentucky Tea sour. With your burger and a side it's £18 excluding service.

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Mildreds - Polish Burger  (the, er, Polish One)


Dalston, Camden, Soho, King's Cross

Mildreds has been offering interesting, delicious vegetarian food for 30 years so they know how to make a tasty burger, with three varieties on their menu. The stand out is the Polish - beetroot, white bean, dill, iceberg lettuce, red onion, basil mayo, pickled cabbage and a gherkin in a brioche bun.

Sides: It would be rude not to try their small plates, each location offers something slightly different  - dishes like chargrilled aubergine, rose harissa, preserved lemon & basil oil, or smashed avocado, lime and chilli with organic corn chips.

Cost of a meal: A glass of wine, burger and a side comes in at £25 including service. (Good to know: there’s a lunchtime deal in Dalston: £6 burgers, Mon - Thursday 12 - 6pm, any burger.)

More about Mildreds


Patty & Bun - Portobello (the mushroom one)

Patty & Bun

Various locations

With 13 locations including one in Brighton, Patty and Bun serve up a mean Field Mushroom Fritter – with garlic parsley butter, cheese sauce, coleslaw, lettuce, tarragon mayo in a brioche. Gluten-free buns are also on the menu, and burgers are available to take away too if you don’t want to sit in.

Also worth knowing they offer two vegetarian breakfast burgers, try the Veggie Bun - herb omelette, spicy mayo, pickles, herbs, P&B chutney, all in a seeded bun.

Sides: Cheese Balls, you say? With XXX Hot Sauce? Don’t mind if I do.

Cost of a meal: A can of IPA, burger and a side comes to around £20 including service

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Ichibuns - Veggie Burger  (the Japanese one)


22 Wardour St, London W1D 6QQ

Open until 2am on the weekends and spread across three floors, this Japanese udon/sushi/burger joint is as kitsch as it comes. Executive chef Brendan Fong pays homage to the vegetarian ‘Dude Food’ movement with a tempura vegetable patty, miso braised mushroom, lettuce and yuzu kosho aioli (with the option with Brie for £1.00).

Sides: The only options are coleslaw or fries, so take both.

Cost of a meal: burger, fries, slaw and a Japanese white beer comes in at approx. £25 including service

More about Ichibuns


Dirty Bones - Vegan Mac Daddy (the bleeding one)

Dirty Bones

Various locations

Dirty Bones have a veggie option with a difference - UK’s first ever meatless ‘bleeding’ burger (the blood is beetroot juice, FYI.)

Moving Mountains® plant-based B12 Burger is 100 per cent plant meat (which, in an attempt to simplify, is a mixture of oyster mushrooms, pea and potato protein). It is topped with vegan mac & cashew ‘cheese’, smoky mushroom ‘short rib’ and espresso-spiked BBQ sauce on a soft bun. Find them in four London locations (Kensington, Carnaby, Soho, Shoreditch), with one in Oxford too.

Sides: There are lots of lovely sides here. We just about made room for the fried aubergine in Buffalo hot sauce served on creamy garlic ranch dipping sauce.

Price: Over two years in the making, this burger comes at a price £12 making it the most expensive on the list, but worth it

More about Dirty Bones


Other Side Fried - Fried Celeriac Burger (the celeriac, eggy one)

Other Side Fried - the Celeriac one

Peckham: Peckham Town Centre Car Park, 95a Rye Lane, SE15 4ST, Lewisham: 162 Lee High Road, SE13 5PR

The Peckham and Lewisham branch of this small chain offer the Fried Celeriac burger, served with cheese and chive sauce, fried egg and pickles.

Sides: Choose between rosemary fries, smoked mash with crispy onions, roasted squash with curd and honey, or sweetcorn fritters with smoked mayo

Price of a meal: burger, fries and a side approx. £16.50

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MEATliquor - Halloumi Mushroom Burger (the double content one)


Various locations

With 12 locations and no sign of slowing down, this once meat-heavy chain now offers up to four vegetarian options (branch dependant). Known for having a seriously fun cocktail list, it is famous for having a selection of drinks with names like “The Paralyser” where diners are limited to a maximum of 2. We opt for the Halloumi Mushroom Burger - halloumi, mushroom, red onions, pickles, lettuce, French mustard and ketchup.

Sides: It’s fries all the way here with eight different varieties, including fries covered in green chilli sauce, melted cheddar cheese & pickled jalapeños –worth it even if you do have to drink a whole bottle of Gaviscon the next day.

Cost of a meal: burger, side and an ACE OF SPADES (AKA “THE LEMMY” - equal measures of Jack Daniel’s & coke) comes to approx. £24 including service. Don’t forget about the lunch deal – any burger, fries and unlimited soda for £10.

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Temple of Seitan ‘Temple’ burger  (the mock chicken one)

Temple of Seitan ‘Temple’ burger – the mock chicken burger

Camden: 103a Camley Street, N1C 4PF, Hackney: 10 Morning Lane, E9 6NA

Temple boasts a fully vegan menu, using the meat alternative seitan, a similar consistency to chicken and made from wheat. Oh, and deep-fried in crispy goodness. Based in both Camden and in Hackney with street pop-ups across London, these chaps offer a crispy Seitan fillet, ranch mayo, bacon, cheese, lettuce and pickles – great for vegetarians who miss meat.

Sides: They would probably win the award for most Instagramable Mac and Cheese pot.

Cost of a meal: Burger, fries, mac n cheese and a drink approx. £19

More about Temple of Seitan


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