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So National Burger Day is over for another year BUT there are still a lot of special burgers in London at the moment. We round up the best. 

If you're still in the mood for some burger action - here are the specials you can still get your hands on (with the burger day only specials at the end for posterity). 


Burger specials for Bank Holiday weekend


What: The Bleecker Patty Melt

Where: Bleecker (Spitalfields, Victoria, South Bank)

When: 26-27 August

Originally a special at this year's National Burger Day event - it's now available (while stocks last) at all Bleecker sites over the weekend. Yes, it's Bleecker's version of the classic burger sarnie - yours for £6.

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Ben's Canteen

What: The ‘Juicy Lucy’ Goat Burger. 

Where: Ben's Canteen (Earlsfield and Battersea)

When: Now - Mid September

This burger at Ben's Canteen is a collaboration with Cabrito, the award-winning Goat supplier. It's a Cabrito goat patty filled with goat’s cheese, topped with curried onion marmalade, pickled scotch bonnet and lime, coriander and mint yoghurt.

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The Tennessee

What: The Tennesee

Where: All Honest Burgers

When: 22 August - 21 September

Just in time for National Burger Day, Honest Burger have unveiled their latest special. This time it's The Tennesee, which is "Beef, smoked bacon, double American cheese, onion ring, French’s BBQ sauce, Memphis mayo and lettuce" That homemade Memphis mayo is smoky, spicy and sharp with jalapeño, cornichons, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and smoked paprika. It'll be £12.95 with their rosemary salted chips. 

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All Star Lanes

What: The Dagwood Burger

Where: All Star Lanes (various sites)

When: Now and until the end of August

Another returning favourite, this impressive specimen is back at All Star Lanes for a short time. It's 12oz of prime, double chuck and rib patties and including fresh cuts of cured salami, spicy chorizo, deli sliced turkey, Swiss cheese and topped off with a runny, sunny-side egg in a toasted brioche bun. You won't need to eat again for weeks. 

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Byron gizmo burger

What: The Gizzmo

Where: All Byron Burgers

When: Now until 28 August

It's Byron's 10th anniversary at the moment, so their recent specials have all being blasts from the past. The one coinciding with Burger Day is no exception, their very popular collaboration with Gizzi Erskine. It's essentially a Welsh rarebit burger - a 6oz hamburger, welsh rarebit - made from Barber's cheddar, smoked Applewood cheese and stout, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayonnaise. So if you ever wanted to combine a rarebit with a burger - this is definitely for you. 

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Red's True BBQ

What: The Houston Slopper

Where: Red's True BBQ, Shoreditch

When: Now until 21 - 27 August

Another returning special is this from Shoreditch's Red's True BBQ. It's a double bacon cheeseburger, cheese sauce, ‘slopped’ with Red’s brisket, rib and pork meat Brunswick chilli and garnished with grated cheddar. It's a bit on the messy side. 

More about Red's True BBQ


Patty and Bun

What: The Holy Pepperoni burger

Where: All Patty & Buns

When: Now until 23 August - 19 September

Just in time for National Burger Day, Patty & Bun are launching their crossover with Yard Sale Pizza. So while Yard Sale will have the Smokey Robinson pizza, it's the Holy Pepperoni burger that you'll be encountering at Patty & Bun. It has two types of pepperoni, ‘nduja sausage and fior di latte mozzarella, a Patty & Bun burger and covered in Yard Sale tomato sauce. 

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Number 90

What: The Big 90

Where: Number 90, 90 Main Yard, Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, London E9 5LN 

When: 27 August

You can be sure that with everyone creating burger specials, one or two creations will be a little over the top, and we think this certainly qualifies. It'll consist of a double beef patty, chicken, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, blue cheese, bacon, smoked cheddar, all topped with fried onion rings for £16. If you can eat the whole thing in less than 8 minutes they get it for free. Sounds like a challenge... 

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What: Burger freakshakes

Where: Heliot Steakhouse, Hippodrome, 14, Cranbourn St, London WC2H 7JH

When: 24-27 August

If you've thought that a shake is a perfect match for a burger then it looks like Heliot Steak House thought exactly the same thing and then went a little bit further. Essentially it's four mini sliders perched on top of a milk shake. There's a rib eye burger with vanilla, lobster tail with passion fruit, pork belly and bacon with a blood orange milkshake and roasted field mushroom and a strawberry milkshake. The lot will set you back £24.  

More about Heliot Steak House


Jude's burger

What: Black Coconut Ice Cream Burger

Where: Jude’s Ice Cream Parlour at the Pear Tree Café in Battersea Park

When: 24-29 August

And we'll round everything off with an ice-cream burger. This creation from Jude's features their Black Coconut ice cream, sandwiched between a toasted, black brioche bun. The burger will be finished with freshly sliced mango, a lime juice glaze and coconut curls. It'll be £6.

More about Pear Tree Cafe


Burger specials only on National Burger Day (Aug 24) 


Senor Ceviche

What: The Nikkei Burger

Where: Senor Ceviche, 1st Floor Kingly Court, Kingly Street, London W1B 5PW

When: 24 August

Over in Carnaby's Kingly Court, Peruvian specialists Senor Ceviche are getting into the burger game with the Nikkei Burger. It's a tuna and sesame patty in a sweet potato bun, with crunchy soft shell crab, spicy truffle aji amarillo mayo, and Peruvian pickles. Available on the day only. 

More about Senor Ceviche 


Chick n Sours

What: The GFC

Where: Chick n Sours, 1a Earlham Street, EC2H 9LL

When: 24 August

Created in collaboration between Ash Mair, Carl Clarke (Chick n Sours) and Karan Gokani (Hoppers), this Hoppers-inspired beast is "Buttermilk Brined Free Range Chicken Thigh, Gotukola Sambol (Gotu Kola leaf, coconut, shallot, fish powder, tomato and lime) and coronation mayo. It's on the menu exclusively at Chick 'n' Sours Covent Garden, for lunch and dinner on Thursday 24th August.

More about Chick n Sours



What: The Vanilla Black Vurger

Where: Pillbox Kitchen, 115 Coventry Rd, London E2 6GG (Bethnal Green)

When: 24 August

The Vurger Co recently completed their Kickstarter in record time, so you can expect to hear a lot more from the "100% plant-based burger company". In the meantime, they have this offering for National Burger Day. It's a play on a Tikka Masala - a Tikka Masala curry patty is topped with candied chilli and mint yoghurt. It'll be served up at Pillbox Kitchen for one day only on National Burger Day (as well as a one-off completely plant-based cheesecake).

More about The Vurger Co



What: The Mindful Burger

Where: Hally’s in Parson’s Green, 60 New King's Rd, Fulham, London SW6 4LS

When: 24 August

Prepared for Hally's by the Mindful Chef, this burger is all about ethical sourcing so they're aiming for a healthy and nutritious burger. Well, as far as burgers allow for that. It features "fermented miso paste, fibre filled Portobello mushrooms, also packed with B vitamins, and sweet potato crisps for your hit of beta-carotene." 

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