The best places to eat caviar in London

It's National Caviar Day on 18 July and if that makes you think about heading out to order some oscietra or beluga, here's where to enjoy the best in London.


best caviar in london

Bob Bob Ricard

The entry-level price for caviar at BBR comes in at £39 for 20g of Siberian Sturgeon caviar served with blinis.  Or you can go luxe with 30g of Special Selection caviar for £49 which features larger eggs. Plut they're adding a special "Press for caviar" button for National Caviar Day. 

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45 jermyn street caviar trolley

45 Jermyn Street

Not only is 45 Jermyn Street, the restaurant at the back of Fortnums, known for its cavar but they have a special caviar trolley devoted to it. It's all priced by the gram with a minimum order of 10g. Make your choice and it'll be measured out tableside along with blinis, baked new potatoes and freshly made scrambled eggs

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wiltons best caviar in london


Sit yourself up at the bar at Wiltons and surrender to the joys of this wonderfully old-school restaurant. There are three types of caviar on the a la carte menu - Aquitaine, Royal Belgian Oscietra and Beluga. Entry level is £58 for 30g of the Aquitaine and it's served the classic way, with buckwheat blinis and sour cream.

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ognisko best caviar in london


There probably aren't many more delightful ways to spend National Caviar Day, if it turns out to be a balmy evening, than out on the terrace at Ognisko in South Kensington. Sip vodka, enjoy and imagine what this place must have been like when Polish emigres and officers were here during the Second World War. Blinis with 50g of Royal Belgian Oscietra Caviar paired with their own Kavka vodka are £75

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marivanna best caviar in london

Mari Vanna

If you love the idea of caviar but can't quite get your head around fish eggs - you can always cheat at this Russian restaurant with a starter of aubergine caviar for a relatively puny £8. Of course, they also have the real deal on offer going up to £200 for 60g of Beluga.

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ritz best caviar in london

The Ritz

Head out into the garden at the Ritz where their beautiful alfresco restaurant has a menu page devoted to caviar, complete with suggested vodka pairings. They have three types of caviar on offer, all from Belgium - sturgeon, oscietra and beluga.

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bellamys best caviar in london

Bellamy's London

When he was just 26 years old, Bellamy's owner Gavin Rankin was the world’s youngest accredited caviar dealer to sign a contract with the Soviet Union. So you'd expect Bellamy's to be a pretty good place to try caviar and you'd be right. There are three types of caviar on offer here - Aquitaine, Oscietra and Baeri. Try 30g of Baeri Caviar with blinis and a glass of rare Veduga Vodka for £50 for a pitch perfect London lunch for one.

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