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We update this list monthly with the restaurants causing the biggest stir in town - the ones which reviewers are thrilled about, where tables are like gold dust or places that are just serving the most interesting and inventive food in town right now. We know there are plenty of great classic restaurants (and we're covering them in our Top 40 - London's Best Restaurants feature) but these are the hottest at this very moment, in alphabetical order...


BratBOB's Lobster

Where: Unit Su 59, London Bridge Station, St Thomas Street, London SE1 3QX

In a nutshell: The lobster masters go permanent at London Bridge

After years turning out top seafood and lobster rolls at street food events across London, BOB's lobster have set up a permanent spot in London Bridge - which even incorporates the old van inside too. Expect the usual excellent lobster and crab rolls, plus tuna tacos, shrimp burritos, lobster mac n cheese and more.

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Where: Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, E1 6JJ

In a nutshell: Ex Kitty Fisher's chef Tomos Parry's Shoreditch restaurant

He was an instant hit when he started at Kitty Fisher's (after a successful stint at Climpson's Arch) so all eyes were on Tomos Parry for his next venture. An impressive open kitchen sets the scene, making the cooking over fire central to the restaurant experience. And a partnership with the people behind Noble Rot means that the wine's pretty decent too. Expect wonderful cooking - the turbot and the beef chop should both be on your list. And don't miss the small plates, as Keith Miller in the Telegraph says - "spider crab, one of many Basque touches on the menu, was tossed with cabbage – perfect with its slightly funky flavour – and fennel." Giles Coren was an instant fan, saying; "It’s that good. That different. That special."

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Where:1-5 Bloomberg Arcade, London EC4N 8AR

In a nutshell: Indian gastropub in the city (and much more besides)

The restaurants at Bloomberg Arcade have been a cut above the norm (due to the influence of Bloomberg's Richard Vines) and this continues with Brigadiers, from the people behind Gymkhana and Hoppers. With a huge menu of Indian dishes in a warren of rooms, it's really offering something that you just can't get anywhere else in town. As Frankie McCoy in the Standard says, it offers "a solid menu of Indian hits, brilliantly executed by brilliant operators."

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Where: 1 Westgate Street, London E8 3RL

In a nutshell: P Franco open their first standalone restaurant

The much-loved Clapton wine bar was always a highlight of East London when it came to food. Then they went one step further, opening their first full restaurant in Netil House where Ellory used to be. Grace Dent raved about the restaurant, saying "They made me enjoy things I thought I hated and gave me tastes I’d never imagined before." James Ramsden (co-owner of Pidgin and Magpie) said their Cantonese style duck hearts were the "best thing I've eaten all year" and Instagrammer Felicity Spector found herself "literally gasping in admiration at a dish of crab in a kind of ajo blanco." The FT's Tim Hayward concurred, admiring the kitchen team's "quiet self-confidence".

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Cora PearlNEW - Cora Pearl

Where: 30 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8NA

In a nutshell: Kitty Fisher's team open a second restaurant

The Kitty Fisher's team follow-up was always going to be a hot ticket and Giles Coren was straight in there with a review that not only felt Cora had some of the naughty vibes of her Shepherd Market sister but that the chips were "the dish of the year. Dish of the decade. Dish of the effing century." BBC's Good Food magazine drew attention to a new trend - seafood on crumpets. The CP version is their brown shrimp Ranhöfer which Good Food described as "amped-up prawns on toast".

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3 Prince Edward Road, Hackney Wick, E9 5LX

In a nutshell: Seasonal dining in Hackney

Tom Brown's had plenty of seafood experience, most recently at Outlaw's at the Capital - but now he's opened his own place in Hackney and there's still plenty of seafood on the menu. Food blogger Elizabeth Auerbach said she "was immediately impressed with his cooking from the first bite on" and Giles Coren declared the food "out of this world... I’ve never been one for tarama on veg. So I smeared it on their otherworldly sourdough toast with dripping and my eyes just rolled back in my head …". We also took it for a Test Drive.

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The Duke of RichmondThe Duke of Richmond

316 Queensbridge Road, Hackney, London E8 3NH

In a nutshell: Tom Oldroyd's Hackney pub

It's early days for the Duke of Richmond, but there's been huge anticipation of the second Oldroyd restaurant, not least because the head chef is Rory Shannon, coming off a very well reviewed stint at Winemakers Deptford. Both the main dining room and the pub sound like they're worth separate visits, and we're hearing very good things about their burger. Not to mention the slow roasted duck on the Sunday lunch menu. 

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Evelyn's TableEvelyn's Table

28 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DJ

In a nutshell: 11 seater restaurant from the Palomar folk

The ambience is relaxed, as though the whole restaurant is at the same dinner party," says of the latest opening from the Palomar crowd. And blogger Chris Pople of Cheese and Biscuits praised the "gorgeous lean, minerally oysters" on Instagram. And Kate Spicer in The Standard said "The food was split between good and the last three dishes we ate, which moved into a different realm of awesome."

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85 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NB

In a nutshell: Dabbous mk II. And then some.

Of course, the pre-opening buzz surrounding Ollie Dabbous' new venture with Hedonism Wines was crazy, but then the Standard review came out and it was a good 'un. The place looks completely amazing, and it's definitely one to put on any self-respecting London foodie's list. And if your budget is tight, go for breakfast instead. Frankie McCoy gave it five stars in the Standard, saying "Don’t overthink it. Dabbous is knocking out his most fabulous five-star food yet." And Fiona Beckett in The Decanter said; "It’s worth ordering the extra course of what is simply described as ‘Cornish Fish in two services’ to experience one of the best fish stews you’ll ever have eaten."

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Kricket BrixtonKricket Brixton

41-43 Atlantic Road, London SW9 8JL

In a nutshell: Kricket returns to its home ground

When Kricket moved into Soho, it was a great move for them but many were obviously going to miss them on their home turf of Pop Brixton. Now they're back in a permanent restaurant with all the hits and a lot more besides (not least the ability to book a seat). 

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64 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DN

In a nutshell: Selin Kiazim's Oklava follow-up

Selin Kiazim's Oklava in Shoreditch has been a quiet, consistent hit, so there was always going to be a lot of attention on their follow up. This Fitzrovia restaurant sees her once again teaming up with Oklava's Laura Christie for this Turkish restaurant. And it's already impressed The Standard, as David Sexton said: "Kyseri is a treat of the kind that only a restaurant culture as vigorous and varied as London’s makes possible."

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18 Phipp Street, London EC2A 4NU

In a nutshell: Michelin-starred Ellory moves to Shoreditch

A big hit in London Fields - and Michelin-starred to boot - there have been changes for Ellory. They've moved from their original digs into the heart of Shoreditch and changed the name in the process (it was the nickname of the original). With that comes more of a bistro focus. David Sexton was a fan of their asparagus dish - "This felt like a delicious rebuke to the sloppiness of asparagus with hollandaise, an impressive composition more than it was commonplace food." And Grace Dent declared the move a total success saying: "Ellory was good – we all loved Ellory – but Leroy is much, much better."

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Lina StoresLina Stores

51 Greek Street, London W1D 4EH

In a nutshell: Italian deli turns its hand to a restaurant.

Italian deli Lina stores has been a beloved fixture of Soho for over 75 years, so the news that they were opening a pasta restaurant on Greek Street was clearly news for celebration. Primarily all about fresh pasta (which London can't get enough of lately, it seems). Susannah Butter in the Standard says "they’ve mastered the pasta. That should be enough to ensure it becomes a Soho institution like the deli."

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Royal OakThe Royal Oak

74-76 York St, Marylebone, London W1H 1QN

In a nutshell: Duck and Waffle's Dan Doherty opens a pub

All eyes were on Dan Doherty when he left his previous restaurant overlooking the city, Duck and Waffle. He has a New York restaurant on the way too, but it's the London base that we're particularly interested in - and this is is. He's taken on the Royal Oak in Fitzrovia and will be gradually refining the menu over the next few months - and there's still the promise of something extra special to come in the space upstairs. If you want to see a chef in his element, watching the development of the menu, this is the place to come. And expect a mean scotch egg too.

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55 Wells Street London W1A 3AE

In a nutshell: Ottolenghi does fire and fermentation

Poor old ROVI had barely opened before a bust extraction system caused it to close again. But now it really IS open for business. The "perfect place to take one of your oldest semi-vegetarian, fully gluten-intolerant friends without even the merest sprinkle of resentment at missing out," enthused the Guardian's Felicity Cloake on Instagram. An "outstanding dessert" was Instagrammer Felicity Spector's take on Rovi's apricot clafoutis with fig leaf ice cream.

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35 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BR

In a nutshell: Ex Barrafina chef Nieves Barragan opens her own restaurant

The restaurant from the person who propelled Barrafina to its success has proven to be a huge instant hit. With two separate entities - the downstairs restaurant and the upstairs asador, both have proven to be winners. Grace Dent in The Guardian said "it’s still – and this is testament to Barragán and Etura – some of the best Spanish food in Great Britain." And of the Asador upstairs, Giles Coren said "This is Spain. This is how they eat and live. And that is how slow-cooked natural piglet tastes and smells. Terrible and delicious."

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Sambal ShiokSambal Shiok

171 Holloway Rd, London N7 8LX

In a nutshell: Laksa and more as this Malaysian restaurant goes permanent

Sambal Shiok has been popping up in various locations all over town for five years, serving up great Malaysian food - and most importantly what's viewed by many as the BEST laksa in town. Now owner Mandy Yin has set up a permanent position on Holloway Road, and she describes it as "like a ramen bar but instead focusing on Malaysian Nyonya laksa". In a visit to the pop-up, Jay Rayner said " It’s powerful, satisfying and for me at least, the very stuff of memories." And visiting the new restaurant, Giles Coren said: "Sambal Shiok is a place of joy and great cooking."

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4 St James's Market, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4QU

In a nutshell: Ex NOPI chef goes it alone

Ex NOPI chef Ramael Scully has opened up his first restaurant in the St James's Market development and it's getting as much praise as his Ottolenghi-helmed previous restaurant. Here you can expect a range of cuisines that draw across family influences that include Chinese, Indian, Irish and Balinese with the arepa, eggplant sambal, and bergamot labneh being an early favourite. Plus the menu should grow and evolve as all the pickling and preparation Scully has put in takes fruit later in the year - and that's what ES reviewer Robert Peston says made "most of what we ate mind-blowing." Tim Hayward agreed saying the tomato shrub salad, "I guarantee will change the way you think about salads."

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St LeonardsSt Leonards

70 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4QX

In a nutshell: Brunswick House's Jackson Boxer teams up with chef Andrew Clarke in Shoreditch.

With hits like Brunswick House (and the much-missed Rita's), all eyes were on Jackson Boxer's next opening, St Leonards which has taken over the big Shoreditch space vacated by Eyre Brothers. Teaming up with Andrew Clarke, they've the very best mix of raw bar delights mixed with flaming cooking (and a spacious bar space that is much-needed in the area). Jay Rayner hints that it may divide people - "Dinner at St Leonards, lubricated by well-priced, classic French wines, is not so much a meal out as a funfair ride." However, Marina O'Loughlin is in love: "To my “ideal restaurants” list, I’m now adding St Leonards. It has all the hallmarks of a classic in the making."

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Ones to watch...

From London's recently-opened restaurants here are the ones who aren't quite ready for the list but are worth keeping an eye on...

  • Lady of the Grapes - a new wine bar for Covent Garden - with Rambla's Victor Garvey in charge of the menu. 
  • Ichiba - we LOVE a good food hall and we're hearing good things about this Japanese version in Westfield London
  • Gazelle - this new Mayfair spot mixes super cocktails with innovative small dishes


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