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Been missing your favourite street food spots or restaurants? Well a lot of them are making it very easy for you to make some of their signature dishes without leaving home.


Mains and more

Wun's Iberico Fatty Char Siu KitWun's Iberico Fatty Char Siu Kit

We picked Wun's sugar skin Iberico char siu was our best dish of 2019. The kit consists of two pieces of Iberico Fatty Char Siu, Blini bao-style buns and their house spiced sugar pack. It's very easy to do - just press the meat in the sugar and then grill it while you're steaming the buns. Done in about 20 mins.

Delivery range: London-only

How to order: Order char siu


Laksas from Sambal ShiokLaksas from Sambal Shiok

What you can make: Sambal Shiok have teamed up with Pezu for meal kits of some of their signature Malaysian dishes. So there's the signature laksa with prawn and chicken as well as a chicken curry set from sibling restaurant, NASI economy rice - not to mention their amazing curry puffs. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order Laksa and more


Iberian katsu sandos from TOUIberian katsu sandos from TOU

What you can make: Ta Ta Eatery created TOU to focus on their signature dish, the Iberian Katsu Sando - arguably London's best sandwich. Now they've created a beautiful looking kit that allows you to recreate the amazing sando at home. We recently tried it out and were very happy with the results.  

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order sandos


Kashmiri chops from GunpowderKashmiri chops from Gunpowder

What you can make: This kit recreates a couple of Gunpowder signatures, even if you don't have access to a tandoori oven. There's a rack of lamb coated in Kashmiri sauces, tandoori potatoes and broccoli with mustard Malai marinade, because everyone needs their greens. We recently gave it a Test Drive

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order a Kashmiri kit


Bacon Naan from DishoomBacon Naan from Dishoom

What you can make: Dishoom's meal kit is based around one of their most popular dishes - the bacon naan. This comes with everything you need - smoked streaky bacon, three naan doughballs, tomato-chilli jam, fresh coriander and cream cheese. There's even loose-leaf Darjeeling tea, chai spices and fresh ginger slices so you can brew a Masala Chai.

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order Bacon Naan Kits


Bread making kit from PAULBread making kit from PAUL

What you can make: Yes the lockdown turned quite a few of us into much better bakers, but if you need a helping hand, then the PAUL kit should do the trick. They include flour, yeast, scrapers, a bread proving basket and more. They're perfect if you fancy trying baking bread but need a little helping hand. 

Delivery range: London postcodes

How to order: Order bread making kits


Vegan Reuben kit from Rudy'sVegan Reuben kit from Rudy's

What you can make: Camden's Rudy's is delivering vegan version of a range of comfort foods. So there's a Grilled Chick’n Caesar Burger, a Broccoli Mac ‘n’ Cheeze and their "Dirty Burger box". But particularly unique is their vegan reuben kit, featuring vegan pastrami, sliced cheeze, pickles, sauerkraut, grilled and crispy onion and Russian and creamy ‘cheese’ dressing.

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order vegan reuben kits


Kabab kits from BerenjakKabab kits from Berenjak

What you can make: Berenjak is delivering Persian Kabab Kits featuring Lamb Koobideh Kabab and 2 x Chicken Jujeh Kabab, to be wrapped in the included Lavash flatbread and they even come with reusable skewers. Plenty of extra herbs are included too. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order Kabab Kits


Shakshuka kits from ShakshukitShakshuka kits from Shakshukit

What you can make: Shakshukit really is a company that lives up to its name - specialising in shakshuka by post. The regular version contains everything you need - eggs, spice blend, tomatoes and more - to make the perfect shakshuka and there's a vegan version too. 

Delivery range: North London

How to order: Order shakshuka kits


Poutine from Blue Caribou Snack BarPoutine from Blue Caribou Snack Bar

What you can make: Blue Caribou has several poutine kits - that's chips, cheese curds and gravy - one of the very best ways to serve chips in our opinion. Vegetarian and vegan options are available and they also have corn dogs.

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order Poutine (orders open every Friday)


Pitas from ShukPitas from Shuk

What you can make: Shuk in Borough Market specialises in Tel Aviv style pitas and now they're delivering to your door. There are two kits - a lamb meatball or fish tagine version, which comes with the pitas and all the spices you'll need. They also have babka kits on offer. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order pitas


Lamb and brisket Nacos from Cue PointLamb and brisket Nacos from Cue Point

What you can make: Cue Point delivers BBQ food that mixes Afghan cooking with BBQ influences from Argentina, Texas, Guyana,  Brazil and more. As well as a brisket bun kit, they also have these kits which let you create your own Nacos, which are a "soft, fluffy Afghan naan" (and a vegan option is available too).

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order a Naco kit


Mother Clucker DIY stripsMother Clucker DIY strips

What you can make: This pack features the Mother Clucker tea brined chicken strips and everything you need to make their buttermilk coating. Alongside that, you'll find hot sauce and mayo as well as their cajun spice for your chips. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order Mother Clucker strips


Burmese meal kits from LaphetBurmese meal kits from Laphet

What you can make: Burmese restaurant Laphet has a number of meal kits that let you make  Coconut Noodles with Chicken (Ohn-no Kauk Swé), Tea leaf salad (Lahpet Thohk) or Ginger salad (Gin Thohk). Much of you what need comes in the kits (you'll have to add some very common ingredients - and the chicken if you're doing the noodles) and you can also order a couple of cocktails to go with the finished meals. More kits are being added too. 

Delivery range: 10 miles from Bethnal Green (or collection)

How to order: Order a meal kit Baos from BAO

What you can make: BAO are delivering locally through their Rice Error service, but if you're out of their delivery range, these at-home kits look like a must. Choose from the classic pork bao or the vegetarian daikon bao and you'll get everything you need to recreate those steaming hot baos right in your own kitchen in minutes. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order a meal kit


Fondue kits from The Cheese BarFondue and toastie kits from The Cheese Bar

What you can make: The Cheese bar have a couple of kits to offer. There's a grilled cheese toastie kit (with everything you need for the perfect cheese toastie) and also this Fondie-It-Yourself kit which has the necessary cheese, plus a baguette and potatoes for dipping as well as a bottle of wine and it even comes with their bespoke fondue stand. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order a cheesy kit


Monty's DeliSalt beef bagels from Monty's Deli

What you can make: If you’ve been missing the chewy, meaty deliciousness of a Monty’s Deli salt beef or pastrami bagel during lockdown, then this kit is for you. It contains everything you need to make those at home. Choose either (or even both) their pastrami or their salt beef (sizes start at 350g) and you’ll get it vac-packed - along with a pack of six part-baked bagels.

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order a bagel kit


Pizza PilgrimsPizzas from Pizza Pilgrims

What you can make: As most of us don’t have a pizza oven in our garden (unlike many of the London chefs on Instagram) Pizza Pilgrims have come up with a cunning kit to help you replicate the intense heat of said ovens. Their margherita kit involves you using a combo of your frying pan and grill to get the desired effect. It includes everything from doughballs to flour for dusting and their amazing tomato sauce.

Delivery range: Nationwide via their website, also available on Deliveroo in London. 

How to order: Order a Frying Pan Pizza kit

See also: Passo - Old Street Italian Passo has two kits on offer - a margherita and also a spicy salami version. 


Falafel from ArabicaFalafel from Arabica

What you can make: In the absence of being able to booze it up on a Friday night and hurl yourself into your nearest kebab shop on the way home, you can have a more refined experience at home. The good news is the hangover won’t be as bad, either. Arabica is now doing a DIY falafel kit as part of their Mezze to your Door service. It includes Raw Beiruti falafel mix, chopped salad, tahini and chilli sauces and pickles along with Khobez flatbreads. All you’ll need is a frying pan. 

Delivery range: 7-mile radius of Camberwell

How to order: Order a Falafel kit


Philly cheesesteaks from Passyunk AvenuePhilly cheesesteaks from Passyunk Avenue

What you can make: Passyunk Avenue have been delivering throughout the lockdown, but if you're a little out of their Deliveroo zone, there is the option of their cheesesteak kits. Each kit features rib-eye steak, your choice of cheese and their own buns (and they also have kits to make their wings).

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order online


Poke from Island PokéPoke from Island Poké

What you can make: If your lockdown is anything like ours you'll have probably piled on the pounds in the first few weeks. To get back to a slightly more healthy lifestyle the DIY poke bowl from Island Poke (£32) is just the ticket. Each kit comes with enough ingredients for four portions - two of their Classic Ahi tuna bowl with fresh sashimi grade tuna, a pineapple salsa, wakame seaweed and crispy shallots and two of their Yuzu Lomi Lomi salmon bowl with fresh sashimi grade salmon, mango chunks and edamame. They also throw in a tub of sriracha mayo too.

Delivery range: All London postcodes within the M25

How to order: Order your poke


Paella from Arros QDPaella from Arros QD

What you can make: When top chef Quique Dacosta opened Arros QD in London, the signature dishes at this Fitzrovia restaurant were the paellas. Now you can order almost everything you need to make one at home. This kit  (£75-£100 - feeds six) not only includes the paella rice and a choice of stocks - Valencian, seafood, poultry, game and vegetable but also the pan to make it in. You just need to add the meat/fish or veggies.

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order from Arros QD 


Ramen from Supa Ya RamenJust-add-stock ramen kits from Supa Ya

What you can make: Given that the two key components of ramen are the noodles and stock, the fact that the ramen kits from Supa Ya (£20) are missing one of those is a bit of a pain. Mind you, it does save you having to make your own hand-cut noodles, which is a bonus. Each kit also contains seasoning and oil to make two portions - all you have to do is make and add the stock. The @supa_ya_ramen Instagram page handily features toppings inspiration from Head Chef Luke Findlay like crispy Serrano ham or confit egg yolk.

Delivery range: Two miles from the shop in Bethnal Green.

How to order: Order from Supa Ya ramen 


Smokehouse bun kit from LagomSmokehouse bun kit from Lagom

What you can make: It's all very well everyone saying get out and BBQ in this gorgeous weather. But when your outside space is a 1m square balcony or no space at all then that's easier said than done. Happily, the folks at Lagom over at Hackney Church Co Brewery are doing some smashing BBQ kits that save you having to light so much as a match. The first kit featured enough to make six BBQ buns along with some 14-hour oak-smoked featherblade and BBQ sauce. All you need to do is warm it up and serve. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order from Lagom 


Bacon buttie from Le SwineBacon buttie from Le Swine

What you can make: All bacon sarnies are not equal and the ones from City-based Le Swine are definitely top tier. The kits (£12 for two) supply you with old fashioned middle bacon sourced from pure breed Berkshire and Middle White pigs from small scale farmers in Lancashire, Clarence Court duck eggs, bacon butter, milk and onion buns, fresh sage, selection of homemade ketchup pots. Better still they include a voucher for a free bacon sandwich from their mobile "ambulance". 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order from Le Swine  


Burgers and hot-dogs

Burger and BeyondBurger and Beyond

What you can make: It’s surprisingly easy to make your own version of Burger & Beyond’s Bacon Butter Burger with their easy kit. For £25 you’ll get enough for four burgers - including demi brioche buns, dry-aged minced beef, pancetta, American cheese, burnt butter mayo and pickled onion. But that's not all - as you can also get more burgers and plenty of sites, including truffle or poutine tots - so it's very much a one-stop shop. We tried them out here

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order from Burger and Beyond.



What you can make: One of the best burgers in town in delivering at-home versions every Friday. It's all about their mighty cheeseburger, delivered in either single or double form. Not only that, but you also get a full bottle of Bleecker sauce. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order a Bleecker kit


Honest BurgersHonest Burgers

What you can make: Originally launched n a limited edition, Honest at Home is back for good. Inside an Honest tote bag, you'll have everything you need to create four Honest Burgers at home. There's also some rosemary salt so you can make a version of their chips too.  

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order Honest at Home


The Venimoo from Mac & WildThe Venimoo from Mac & Wild

What you can make: Mac & Wild's Venimoo burger (which combines venison and beef patties) has been voted as one of London's best burgers. This kit has everything you need to make four of them, and there's a video to watch to show you how to make it just right. Alternatively, how about the brunch burger kit which combines burger, bacon, black pudding and a couple of mini cocktails too. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order a Venimoo


Patty & BunPatty & Bun

What you can make: Patty & Bun have teamed up with their meat supplier to bring you boxes of two of their most popular burgers - the Ari Gold and the Smokey Robinson cheeseburger. Everything you need is in the box - and they also have a vegan burger box. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order from Patty & Bun  



What you can make: Street food folk Truffle have two kits on offer (both £25 for four burgers). Their signature burger features beef & bacon blend patties, truffle mayo, fig jam, raclette cheese and crispy shallots. Or you can opt for the Aged Beef Burger with 90-day aged beef patties, caramelised shallot puree,  smoked cheese, house pickles, truffle and garlic sauce. They also do a veggie kit using Beyond Meat burgers.

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order online  

See also: The Vurger Co are doing takeout vegan burger boxes - including Beyond Burger patties, toppings and a side of skin-on fries to go with it.



Hot donut sundaes from TreatsHot donut sundaes from Treats Club

What you can make: These packs from Treats Club come with donut bites that are ready to be fried (each has an Oreo inside). These come with syrups and toppings (Salted Chocolate Sugar, Boys Tears’ marshmallow fluff and more) and everything else you need to make one of their full-on donut sundaes. 

Delivery range: Within the M25 + Essex

How to order: Order from Treats 


Cookie bake from Chin ChinGrilled cookie dough from Chin Chin

What you can make: When your USP is the magic trick of creating ice-cream using liquid nitrogen in front of your customers, then pivoting during the lockdown is tricky. However, CHIN CHIN labs now have a couple of options, our favourite of which is this gooey cookie dough dessert (£8.95). All you need is vegetable oil and water. The kits are dairy-free, suitable for vegans and £1 of every kit sold goes to the UCLH Covid-19 Emergency Staff Support Fund.

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order from Chin Chin 


Pancakes from Where the Pancakes ArePancakes from Where the Pancakes Are

What you can make: Wake up at the weekend, smug in the knowledge that you have everything you need in the kitchen to whip up a stack of buttermilk pancakes. The Where The Pancakes chilled kit (£29.50) also includes the toppings, so your stack can be lovingly drizzled with maple syrup and topped with crispy bacon with a side order of blueberries or sliced banana. It should last for two weekends at least.

Delivery range: All central London postcodes. 

How to order: Order from Where The Pancakes Are  


Chocolate babka from The Good EggChocolate babka from The Good Egg

What you can make: If you feel that you're ready to ramp up your baking skills, The Good Egg's chocolate babka kit could be just the thing. For £24.98 you'll get the key ingredients to make this sweet, yeasty bread. The only thing you need to supply is the milk (or milk alternative) and a few bits of kitchen equipment. 

Delivery range: Deliveries take place on Fridays within an 8-mile radius of their Stoke Newington restaurant.

How to order: Order from The Good Egg  

See also: Chocolate babka kits from Middle Eastern restaurant Shuk. 



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