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We’ve already covered the best Christmas Hampers but if you’re looking for other Christmas presents for foodies then you've come to the right place.


For the bacon naan aficionado

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Dishoom currency

Forget putting a useless old sixpence in the Christmas pud and go for these Dishoom coins instead. Each is worth ten pounds sterling and can be used to settle all or part of the bearer’s bill at Dishoom. Sit back and enjoy watching everyone tear that pudding apart looking for them.

Price: From £10

Buy them at any Dishoom Cafe


For those who want Christmas to go on all year

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Taste of Vallebona box

If you enjoy having your deli goodies handpicked for you then get a Taste of Vallebona monthly box. They arrive on your doorstep every month with unique Italian and Japanese ingredients chosen by Stefano Vallebona to suit the season. There might be Testun al Barolo cows’ milk cheese from Piedmont; Prosciutto San Daniele from Friuli or Artichoke and Walnut Bruschetta topping from Puglia.

Price: 3 months £150.00/ 6 months £280.00/ 12 months £495.00

Buy it here


For the self-improver

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Bread Ahead classes

Bread Ahead classes are ace (you can see how we got on when we tried one here) - learn how to make everything from bread and doughnuts to Scandi cinnamon rolls and more. They have an international school offering lessons in Japanese, Russian and French and their new Wembley space has two state of the art classrooms.

Price: £180 for the full day (10am-4.30pm) or £90 for a half-day (10am - 1pm)

Buy it here

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If you fancy jacking in the day job and switching to a life as a food writer, then a food writer workshop from writer Sudi Piggott could be a good place to start. There'll be exercises in writing, sharing and critiquing, a tutored raw honey tasting, lunch wine and a whole menu of new skills and tips to take away. They're £125 for the day.


For the 'call that hot?' chilli addict

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

12:51 scotch bonnet jam

Having been plagued by diners wanting to buy the fiery condiment he first showcased on TV in The Great British Menu, chef James Cochran of 12:51 in Islington, is now selling jars of the 12:51 Scotch Bonnet Jam. It's made in East London - so low on food miles - with no added preservatives and is also vegan and gluten-free.

Price: £4.50 per jar or £25 for six jars

Buy it here

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Tom Kerridge's new ketchup range includes a Chipotle BBQ one with a decent amount of heat. Better still get a set of all five varieties for £27.95.


For the personal touch

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Personalised Haig Club whisky

Got a whisky drinker who deserves something a bit special this Christmas? Haig Club Clubman, created by the House of Haig in partnership with David Beckham, is offering a special personalising service at INKD over the festive period. Head to INKD at 118-120 Wardour Street, up to 21 December where you can customise your bottle or buy it online. We're sure David would just ink the logo on his right bicep but this is a lot less painful.

Price: £30

Buy it here

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Over at the new Veuve Clicquot bar at Selfridges they'll personalise tins of Champagne with whatever place name you want on there.


For the new parent

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

St John piglet romper suit

Their restaurant visits may be curtailed by the heinous cost of babysitting, but at least new parents who get this thoughtful gift can be reminded of the days pre-baby when a trip to St John didn't involve dealing with buggy logistics and high chair provision (St John can accommodate both, happily).

Price: £18

Buy it here


For the anti-MAGA activist

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Empirical Spirits F*** Trump drink

Crazy Danish distillers Empirical Spirit have just the thing for anyone enraged by American politics. Their Fuck Trump and His Stupid Fucking Wall is a habanero spirit made from a base of pearled barley, Belgian saison yeast, and koji. Usefully their innovative high-pressure, low-temperature distilling process removes capsaicin, the painfully spicy active component in the chilies.

Price: 60 euros

Buy it here

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Less anti Trump but very much pro-London would be a gift set of whiskies from Bimber Distillery, which this year became one of the first single-malt whisky producers in London for over a century. A sample gift set is £38 and features six including their peated new make spirit.


For the serious home cook

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Blenheim Forge cleaver

You can fanny about all you like in the kitchen but if you really want to be taken seriously by your loved ones you'll be needing one of these Blenheim Forge Chinese-style cleavers. They were designed in collaboration with chef Elizabeth Haigh, feature a 5000-year-old bog oak handle (that's bog as in peat bog, not toilet) and can be used for all food preparation apart from meat butchery.

Price: £330

Buy it here

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Know someone who works from home with an unhealthy relationship with their coffee machine? Get them a latte art workshop from Hippo Coffee for £50.


For the go big or go home person

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Duppy Share Jeraboam

If your idea of a good time at Christmas is nursing the world's biggest bottle of rum, while everyone else fights over possession of the TV remote, then head on over to The Duppy Share for a Jeraboam of their 3-year-old, 100% pot still Jamaican Rum blended with 5-year-old Barbadian rum.

Price: There are only 100 limited edition bottles and they're £350.

Buy it here


For the cheese addict with a keen fashion sense

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Wine & Rind T-shirt

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves their fromage, is seriously into their threads and can turn a bit of a blind eye to trademark fudging, then this pecorino t-shirt from Wine and Rind in Tottenham is exactly what you're after.

Price: £25

Buy it here


For the Christmas chocoholic

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Paul A Young Christmas selection box

A box of Paul A Young chocs would be super any day of the year, but his festive collection features all manner of seasonally appropriate goodies. There's Trimming the Tree - a ganache blended with the essential oils of orange and delicate clove and a shell blended with pine and cedar as well as Christmas Dinner, a beef dripping infused caramel with Cornish Sea Salt and rosemary, sage and thyme topped with a crunchy beef dripping roast potato crumble.

Price: Boxes start at 4 pieces for £7 and go up to 36 pieces for £56

Buy them in Paul A Young stores


For the care leavers

best christmas gifts for foodies in London

Hackney Christmas Dinner

As we all know, the very best gift you can give at Christmas is happiness. We can't think of a more life-affirming thing to do than to help the folk at the Hackney Christmas Dinner who every year throw one heck of a shindig for young people leaving care. Everything from food to presents is donated.

Price: Whatever you can afford 

Buy a gift here - put in guest list 776219 - you don't need a password

Find out more here - including how to volunteer on the day or to refer someone for attending.


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