The best British knives for chefs and home cooks

With all of us spending more time in our own kitchens, there's one easy way to boost our cooking skills and that's by improving our equipment. Here's our guide to some of Britain's best artisan knife makers. 

Blenheim Forge knivesBlenheim Forge

Popular Peckham-based Blenheim Forge were at the forefront of the move towards modern knife-making. James, John and Richard have a large chef fan base and, as they say, “Choosing your knife is a statement about yourself, ‘I am a cook - not just someone who cooks’.” In addition to their classic knives, they release monthly special editions and even offer knife sharpening classes.

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Blok KnivesBlok Knives

From making his first knife down in the cellar of his home to moving to a workshop at Darley Abbey Mills in Derbyshire, Ben Edmonds wants his knives to be a counterpoint to our current disposable culture. The great and the good of the food world will know them, having received a knife as part of the Observer Food Monthly Awards trophies. Watch out for their Friday knife sales.

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Clement KnivesClement Knives

Knifesmith Tim Westley says he "loves making knives, but not at the expense of the environment." So his knives are made from high-quality steel and metal waste while the handles are made from recycled plastic that Tim's found along the Thames and other London canals. In normal times he's to be found as an artist in residence at the London Museum of Water & Steam.

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Nouko KnivesNouko Knives

Nouko Knives is run by bladesmith Konstantinos Noulis. He started out with a forge in the back garden in Bristol and progressed to it becoming his full-time business, turning out exquisite looking knives. You can order off the shelf - there's a wide range to choose from including a steak knives set we badly want - or go bespoke and work with him on choosing the materials.

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Raw KnivesRaw Knives

Yorkshire made Raw Knives pride themselves on their Damascus blades which are hand-forged using two high-carbon steels which they say maintain their edge for longer than single steel blades. Handles are fashioned from a single solid piece of seasoned blackwood.

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Savernake KnivesSavernake Knives

Named after the West Country forest where their first workshop opened, Savernake dub themselves 'progressive English knifemakers'. Founder Laurie Timpson is ex-Scots Guards and now lives off the grid in the forest. Ready-made knives include a covetable chef's carving set with E J Wicks leather wrap.

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Tog KnivesTog Knives

The knives from Tog are made to survive the rigours of a professional kitchen. They're rated by the likes of Sat Bains, Philip Howard and TV chef Ching-He Huang. Although they're made in Japan they are designed in Bristol and their 21 layers of high quality Japanese stainless steel make them an indispensable chef's tool.

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Two Sticks ForgeTwo Sticks Forge

If you're interested in the materials that knives are made of, then you should look at Two Sticks Forge. Run by Andrew Lindsay and his team in the Ashdown Forest they specialise in knives for professional chefs and home cooks. Vintage is a big thing here - they've clad laminated blades with wrought iron from 100-year-old cartwheel rims or used the leaf springs from a 1932 MG Midget for the high-carbon core of knives. Handles are crafted from East Anglian bog oak as well as local, sustainably sourced hardwoods.

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