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We LOVE a good martini and here are some of our favourite places to enjoy a martini around London. 


The Langham Martini at Artesian (£17)


The bar here has been named World's Best Bar no fewer than four times. We reckon their martini has something to do with it. You get to choose which 'expression' of vermouth you want with it - our preference is the London - but what we really love is the silver goblet with detachable cup meaning your last sip of martini is as cold as your first.

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Vodka martini at The Whip, Mayfair (£10)


Look, if a bar owned by Chase Vodka can't put up a decent martini, then we might as well all go home. Thankfully it does a very creditable version at this spot upstairs at The Running Horse and it's a good price too for the area.

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The Martini trolley at The Connaught Bar (from £21)


One of the great joys of coming out of the post-Christmas, abstemious fug is Helene Darroze's Galette Des Rois party at The Connaught. And one of our favourite things there is skipping up to the martini trolley and beginning an evening trying to work out which of their fruit or herbal vermouths we want to try this time. Total joy.

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Classic Martini at The American Bar at The Colony (£12)


Probably the place we're most often found sipping a Martini, not least because for the combination of price and venue there is no better bargain in London. Slip into a booth - you're going to want to people watch here - and enjoy a generous and well-made Martini.

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The Three Martini Lunch at The Ivy Market Grill (£11.50)


OK so getting a decent table here is bloody difficult, but if you sit up at the bar and order this trio of mini Martinis, things look a whole lot better. Served in three tasting glasses it consists of a Plymouth Gibson, Vesper and a modern dry Wyborowa vodka martini.

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The Martini Trolley at Dukes Bar (£19.50)


Every list of London's best martinis includes a reference to the amazing martinis at Dukes in St James which come with a whole lot of tableside theatre. We FINALLY went along to try them this year - find out what we thought below.

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