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strippedbackHere at Hot Dinners, we're always being asked for ideas on where to go out for dinner, and no dinner decision is more fraught with potential pitfalls than the dinner date. You don't want to end up in a steakhouse with a vegetarian or queue in the cold for a Hackney pop-up with someone all dressed up for a posh night out.

But it doesn't have to be like that, particularly if you or your date are into your food. Instead of putting all that pressure on you both to get on over three courses, there are loads of other London dates revolving around food and drink.where you can get to know that special someone.

We've teamed up with top dating website to come up with a few date ideas for foodies that show you've put a little more effort and imagination into where to go. From cheese tasting to food foraging - with a little tech gadgetry thrown in - we think any one of these dates would woo us.

To see our ideas (and hopefully be inspired to get out there yourself) go to

Hot Dinners recommends

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