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It was the year of Burgergate and the cronut. When Giles Coren managed to annoy both everyone living outside London and New Yorkers to boot. 2013 saw hundreds of new restaurants opening in London, some of which thrilled, others which really, really didn't. Here's our roundup of the past twelve months on the London restaurant scene.

Your favourite new opening of 2013

Restaurants open for lunch on Christmas Day

Almost 200 restaurants of note opened their doors in London over the past 12 months. We ask you which was your favourite - and here is the result.

Hot Dinners' readers favourite new restaurant of 2013.


The best reviewed restaurants of 2013


Find out which new restaurants thrilled the critics this year as we bring together the best reviewed new restaurants in London on one page.

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The Hot Dinners 2013 Awards


From the most eye-popping dining room to our favourite eating out experience of the year - here's how Hot Dinners rocked the past twelve months.

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Worst restaurant reviews of 2013


There's nothing quite like a restaurant critic getting his or her teeth into a disappointing restaurant experience. Find out which London restaurants felt the full force of their fury this year. 

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