10 healthy dishes for January at London's restaurants

healthydishes2If January isn't depressing enough with everyone counting the cost of Christmas, swearing off alcohol and cutting back on calories there's also the horror of tax returns and the general misery of the British weather at this time of year.

To make things a little less grim, we've picked out 10 delicious dishes currently being served up in London restaurants, which would be great at any time of the year. But they also happen to be pretty darned healthy too. So if you are on a health kick it doesn't have to feel quite so hair-shirt and joyless.



Brixham Crab with Devilled Mayonnaise (pictured above). Served up with cos lettuce rather than bread (£9.00).  

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Indian Zing

Scallops in Hirva Masala. Scallops marinated in fresh herbs & spices griddled on tawa (iron Pan) served with assorted baby cress (£9.50). 
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Hawksmoor Air Street

Royal bream. Bream baked in paper with garlic, rosemary & chilli (£20.00).

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Club Gascon

Venison carpaccio. Served with winkles, salted cod and seared ceps (£15.50)

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Restaurant Story 

Scallops, cucumber and dill ash (part of £75 tasting menu).

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Jackson & Rye

Red salad. Heirloom tomato, beets, radicchio, red cabbage - add grilled chicken for £3.50 more (£10.25).

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The Delaunay

Chicken soup with noodles (£7.50).

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Galvin Demoiselle

Dorset Crab and Cucumber Sandwich. Served on wholemeal bread with watercress and lemon (£15.75).

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Burger & Lobster in Harvey Nichols

The Californian patty. A patty in between two iceberg lettuce leaves (£20).

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Mele e Pere

Red lentil soup with squacquerone cheese and chilli. Make sure you get the large bowl (£12). 

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Please note - as we're not in any way trained nutritionists here at Hot Dinners, we haven't an earthly what the actual calorie or fat content of any of these dishes are, but they all seem pretty darned healthy to us.



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