A Sunday lunch to remember: 10-10-10 at the London Restaurant Festival

10-10-10 was a date to remember in more ways than one as ten celebrated chefs from outside London teamed up with ten of London's best chefs to forge a special culinary partnership for the London Restaurant Festival. They each cooked a fabulous Sunday lunch for restaurants full of American Express card-waving diners, and Hot Dinners was there to record the result.


{besps_c}0|01loubet_bw.jpg|Bistrot Bruno Loubet|Parmesan sable with parmesan cream and glasses of champagne await the lunch guests at Bistrot Bruno Loubet.{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|02loubet-blanc-bw.jpg|Raymond Blanc (from Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons) and Bruno Loubet at Bistrot Bruno Loubet|Blanc called Loubet at 3am worrying that there wouldn't be enough ceps for lunch.{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|03anthony_bw.jpg|Anthony Demetre at Arbutus|Anthony Demetre on his pairing with Tom Kerridge: "We said to each other – you’re the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant outside of London, I’m the cheapest inside of London – let’s make cracking value"{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|04tom_bw.jpg|Tom Kerridge (from The Hand and Flowers) at Arbutus|Tom kerridge: "The one thing we wanted to get across is that you are able to eat out well without breaking the bank and spending a load of money."{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|05bosiandroux_bw.jpg|Claude Bosi and Alain Roux (from the Waterside Inn) at Hibiscus|An interesting pairing of fire and ice at Hibiscus where Claude Bosi was well matched by the serene calmness of Alain Roux.{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|06bosihibiscus01_bw.jpg|Claude Bosi at Hibiscus|Claude Bosi is ready at the pass as the 10-10-10 lunch gets underway.{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|07claudeplating_bw.jpg|Hibiscus|Bosi plates up the main course of Shropshire Mallard poached in grape juice.{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|08roux_bw.jpg|Alain Roux (from the Waterside Inn) at Hibiscus|Alain Roux was clearly enjoying his trip up to Hibiscus from the Waterside Inn{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|anna-frances-bw.jpg|Anna Hansen and Frances Atkins (from the Yorke Arms) at The Modern Pantry|Anna Hansen: "It's northern England meets the Southern Hemisphere." Frances Atkins: "Right the way through that menu you've got spices and earthiness that are Autumn."{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|01hughes-wadham-hill-bw.jpg|Simon Wadham, Shaun Hill (from the Walnut Tree) and Tim Hughes at The Rivington Grill|Simon Wadham: "Shaun's come down for the day and we're doing a day of Shaun Hill classics from the Walnut Tree."{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|jeremy-michael-bw.jpg|Jeremy Lee and Michael Smith (from The Three Chimneys) at The Blueprint Cafe|Jeremy Lee in mid flow: "It's a collaborative and joint affair - and all things Scottish!"{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|mitch-hix-bw.jpg|Mitch Tonks (from The Seahorse) and Mark Hix at The Hix Oyster and Chop House|Mitch Tonks: "Mark and I cook together a fair bit and have exactly the same ethos. It was a natural pairing. It's going to be very easy and relaxed."{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|vivek-simon-bw.jpg|Vivek Singh and Simon Rogan (from L'Enclume) at Cinnamon Kitchen|Vivek Singh: "We've had 25 people working on this for 20 hours already.  I was saying that with 25 people, if we can't set up by 12 o'clock - we'll be in the shit.  But it's all gone alright!"{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|bentleys_bw.jpg|Service at Bentleys|It's all kicking off at Bentley's restaurant where we're told Corrigan's gone 'all Michelin' over requests to take pictures there. We took that as a no.{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|criterion_bw.jpg|Steven Smith (from the Freemasons Country Inn) and Matthew Foxon at the Criterion|"We're having a great time!" said Matthew Foxon, whose collaboration with Lancastrian chef Steven Smith included chocolate brownie with orange candyfloss.{/besps_c}