Wonderland hope to keep carnivores and vegans happy with their Soho burger restaurant

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Updated 26/6/23 with opening date and launch info

You've got to really stand out to make a dent in London's burger scene, so the founders behind new Soho spot Wonderland are hoping that they've got what it takes. Brothers Alex and Oliver Santoro certainly have the background for it. Their grandfather founded Smithfield butchers Direct Table Foods back in the 1950s. In spite of, or maybe of that, the pair were vegans for eight years, founding a vegan fast food company Raw Imagination. Now they're embracing both carnivore and plant options in their new place.

Wonderland is going to serve up what they say are the best meat and vegan fast food dishes from burgers to wings and fries. For the meat side of things, they're going big on quality and sustainability. The chicken is all organic and the beef is supplied by HG Walter using Aberdeen Angus beef from British and Irish farmers who don't use GMOs or antibiotics.

On the launch menu you can expect:

  • Royale with Cheese burger: a grass-fed smashed 100% Aberdeen Angus beef patty topped with cheddar cheese and homemade ‘Wonder Sauce’ on a freshly made brioche bun, and homemade gherkins
  • The Wonder Burger: a homemade plant-based ‘beef’ patty made avoiding the heavily processed meat-alternatives
  • Korean chicken wings and Jalapeño infused buttermilk fried chicken sandwich (along with their vegan alternatives).

There'll be both Jersey dairy and dairy-free milkshakes and organic doughnuts.

If you're wondering how they'll manage to keep both meat eaters and vegans happy, we're told that they're going to have separate friers, grills and work-stations in the kitchen for the vegan and meat-based dishes. Sounds like the best of both worlds - let's wait and see.


More about Wonderland

Where is it? 49 Old Compton Street, London W1D 6HL

When does it open? 27 June 2023. Giving away 100 free burgers from 11:30am on  Wednesday 28 June.

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @wonderland.soho


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