Seven North is Miznon chef Eyal Shani's next London restaurant


London is getting a lot of new hotels over the next year, with big names like Mandarin Oriental and Rosewood opening new central London spaces. But there's plenty of room for boutique hotels too, and that's just what's coming to the City. Sircle London comes from hotel group Sircle Collection and their London hotel will be in Devonshire Square. Most importantly, for us anyway, it's also home to a big new restaurant. 

That restaurant will be Seven North by Israeli chef Eyal Shani, who you might know for his Miznon restaurants in Soho and Notting Hill. Of course, Miznon is only part of the chef's empire, as he has many other restaurants to his name across the globe. Indeed, there's another Seven North in Vienna, so we can assume this will be something similar. 

It's billed as taking influence from Mediterranean, French, German and Italian cuisines and the menu does have some of those quirks you might have seen on Miznon's menu, like:

  • Golden Bread rocks salad and a lot of freshness from the wild
  • A fennel bulb roasted into perfection
  • Golden aubergine resting on tomato clouds swirled in tahini & chopped egg
  • Burning seabass in stormy sauce of Viennese tomatoes. YES, Viennese tomatoes (that's the actual description) 
  • Malabi. In a puddle of fruit perfume

Of course, that wordiness did actually deliver some great pitas in Miznon, so we should be expecting something good here too. 

roomHere's Seven North in Vienna


More about Seven North London

Where is it? Sircle London, Devonshire Square

When does it open? 2024

Find out more: Visit the Sircle website or the Seven North website follow them on Instagram @sevennorthrestaurants.


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