Flor transforms into a bakery and doubles up at Bermondsey

Flor becomes a bakery and also opens in Bermondsey

8/12/21 - updated with Bermondsey launch date

Flor, the Borough restaurant from the team behind Lyle's is going through some big changes. The team there are opening a new bakery in Bermondsey's Spa Terminus  - but at the same time they've switched the focus at the original Flor in Borough Market, turning it into a wine shop and bakery. 

First up, the Bermondsey bakery. That will be led by Flor's head of bread and pastry, Helen Evans. Work there will continue their focus on heritage and long-straw grain varieties, and support regenerative farming methods. They'll regularly be making house sourdough (blended with wholegrain Hen Gymro and rye), the "Baker’s Choice" porridge loaf and a 100% rye tin loaf. 

Alongside the bread will be croissants, including a twice-baked almond croissant layered with frangipane along with the (amazing) brown butter cakes and lardy buns (croissant dough buns laminated with pork fat, tea-soaked currants and dipped in sticky mace caramel) that everyone loves so much at Flor. They'll also have Danishes topped with roasted plum and walnut or quince - with flavours that change through the seasons. 

You'll be able to pop up and pick those up from Bermondsey, get them delivered or join their subscription. That sub will see you get sent loaves regularly (London-wide). 

Alongside the introduction of the new bakery, there are big changes at the original Flor, which has moved away from its small plates menu. Now it's become a bakery and wine shop with a small menu of sandwiches to take away or eat at the bar during lunch. With this change, they're now only open from 8am-3pm serving up pastries and coffees in the morning.

It's a big pivot for one of the area's most notable restaurants, for sure. They were always known for their baked goods, but to switch away from the restaurant completely is a big deal indeed. Hopefully, we'll see their small plates return in some form, one day. 


More about Flor

Where is it? Flor Bakery Spa Terminus: Unit 6, Spa Road, London, SE16 4RP, Flor Borough Market: 1 Bedale St, London, SE1 9AL

When? Flor Spa Terminus opens 11 December 2021 (with 100 free breakfast pastries for the first 100 customers buying bread). Flor Borough Market is now open

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @flor.london.

Photo by Per-Anders Jorgensen.


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