The World’s 50 Best Restaurants reveal 51 to 100 for 2021, with two new London entries

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants reveal 51 to 100 for 2021, with two new London entries

Update 5/10/21 - And here is the full rundown of the World's 50 Best Restaurants 2021.

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You could be excused for wondering how the World’s 50 Best Restaurants could pull together a (fair) global listing for 2021 when much of the world’s diners have been in and out of lockdown, not to mention most restaurants being on a one-way trip to Struggle Town. But here we are…almost like normal, with the release of the venues that didn’t quite make the cut, aka 51 to 100 on the list.

If you’re excited about the list being back, you no doubt missed it in 2020, when it pressed the pandemic-induced ‘pause’ button not long after receiving restaurant nominations for 2020. In acknowledgement of the travel and dining difficulties recently, the voting for 2021 was created from a merger of the votes cast in 2020 along with a more recent refresh of local-dining updates from the 1,040 secret Academy members. So, it’s likely to be a lot more unusual than other years, but the good news today was the two debut entries on the list from London restaurants, with Ikoyi at number 87 and Brat at number 78.

Ikoyi also won the World’s 50 Best ‘One to Watch’ Award, announced last week, considered a reflection of a restaurant’s status as a rising star on the global dining scene. You can read our Test Drive when it opened in 2017 here and we also had a very enjoyable brunch at Brat late last year. With today’s announcement, you may find it trickier to get reservations at both these restaurants, such as the prestige still associated with the World’s 50 Best list.

The last time we saw this bonus list was in 2019, where it blew out from 51 to 120, in a cute nod to the 120th birthday of San Pellegrino, one of the awards’ sponsors, which saw London’s St John restaurant slide in at number 112. There’s no sign of St John in today’s list of the back 50 (have they made the top 50?!), but two other London restaurants are listed. Core by Claire Smyth is at number 64 (up two places from number 66 in 2019) and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is number 65 (up 18 places from number 83 in 2019). 

The announcement of the coveted 1 to 50 restaurant positions for 2021 will happen in an awards ceremony in Antwerp, Belgium on 5 October. We'll be reporting that on the night. 

Here’s the list (so far) in full :

World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021 – 51-100

51. Nihonryori RyuGin, Tokyo, Japan

52. Uliassi, Senegallia, Italy

53. Nerua, Bilbao, Spain

54. St. Hubertus. San Cassiano, Italy

55. Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare, New York, USA

56. Sud 777, Mexico City, Mexico

57. Brae, Birregurra, Australia

58. Alchemist, Copenhagen, Switzerland

59. Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau, Switzerland

60. Mikla, Istanbul, Turkey

61. D.O.M., Sao Paolo, Brazil

62. Mingles, Seoul, South Korea

63. Sorn, Bangkok, Thailand

64. Core, London, UK

65. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London, UK

66. The Jane, Antwerp, Belgium

67. Oteque, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

68. Alcalde, Guadalajara, Mexico

69. De Librije, Zwolle, Netherlands

70. Alinea, Chicago, USA

71. Vea, Hong Kong

72. Le Du, Bangkok, Thailand

73. Il Ristorante Luca Fantin, Tokyo, Japan

74. Quique Dacosta, Denia, Spain

75. Sazenka Tokyo, Japan

76. La Cime, Tokyo, Japan

77. Willem Hiele, Koksidje, Belgium

78. Brat, London, UK

79. Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain

80. El Chato, Bogota, Colombia

81. La Colombe, Cape Town, South Africa

82. Indian Accent, New Delhi, India

83. Epicure, Paris, France

84. Le Clarence, Paris, France

85. Lasai, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

86. Restaurant David Toutain, Paris, France

87. Ikoyi, London (One to Watch)

88. Belon, Hong Kong, China

89. Amass, Copenhagen, Denmark

90. Mil, Cusco, Peru

91 La Grenouillère, La Madelaine-Sous-Montreuil, France

92. Fyn, Cape Town , South Africa

93. Gaa, Bangkok, Thailand

94. Arzak, San Sebastian, Spain

95. Kjolle, Lima, Peru

96. Astrid y Gaston, Lima, Peru

97. Attica, Melbourne, Australia

98. Alo, Toronto, Canada

99. L’Effervescence, Tokyo, Japan

100. Amber, Hong Kong

To find out more, visit the World’s 50 Best website.

Ikoyi photo by Maureen M Evans 


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