Design District Canteen is a food hall where you can dine among tree tops on the Greenwich Peninsula

design district canteen food hall greenwich peninsula

Things must be starting to get back to normal if we're talking about food halls opening in London. While some, like Arcade and Market Hall West End were initially victims of the lockdowns (returning in new forms), other folk clearly think there's mileage in the whole food hall game.

That said, the team behind a new opening in Greenwich have made their design a big part of the attraction. The Design District Canteen is going to be worth going to for the experience alone. It's set in a space-age transparent structure and features a tree canopy for people to sit and eat in.

The space is launching with six food vendors who are:

  • Eat Lah - Malaysian street food, including Nasi Kerabu, Chicken Rendang and Karipap Pusing
  • Ehla - Eastern Mediterranean food including falafel and chicken shawarma alongside pitta wraps and dips and spanakopita.
  • Guasa - Stuffed Venezuelan arepas alongside black bean and quinoa bowls with toppings like buffalo beef or jackfruit.
  • Sugo - Italian street food, so everything from arancini to pork ragu fritters along with foccacia sarnies stuffed with porchetta or burrata.
  • Raastawala - Kolkata street food - including Kati Rolls, Spicy Water Bombs and mango lassis.
  • Toasted by The Great British Charcuterie Sandwich & Cheese Bar - a British raclette offering using top produce like Wagyu Salt Beef, Cornish Lobster, and Treacle Cured Bacon.

The hall will be open from morning through to late evening every day of the week and definitely sounds worth a trip to check out.

design district canteen food hall greenwich peninsula


More about Design District Canteen

Where is it? The Gateway Pavilions, Peninsula Square, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0SQ

When? Early September 2021

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @designdistrictcanteen


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