Oxeye from Sven Hanson Britt is a restaurant, bar and gallery in Embassy Gardens

Oxeye from Sven Hanson Britt is a restaurant, bar and gallery in Embassy Gardens

Chef Sven Hanson Britt (recently seen at Homestead) is bringing his restaurant Oxeye to life, which has previously run as a residency at Carousel. 

It's coming to Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms (where Darby's and Homeboy are) and it's going to be a multi-function space which combines a restaurant and bar along with a shop and gallery. 

The restaurant offers a single tasting menu and here's a taste of what you can expect:

  • Cornish Yarg Churros with Fresh Nettles and Sea Beet
  • Irish Coast Sea Urchin, Potato Dumpling
  • Hen of the Woods Glazed in Jus Gras with Wild Onion
  • Braised Smoked Eel, Kampot Pepper Scented Sauce Chivry
  • Derbyshire Longhorn Flat Rib, Black Mustard, Preserved Seeds and ‘Sauce Rouennaise’
  • Braised Wild Cornish Turbot, Sea Kale and ‘Sauce Tillington’.
  • Arhuaco Businchari Cocoa, Scottish Sea Salt, Birch Syrup, Caraway and Sesame Praline.

That dinner will be £99 (or £139 with a few extras).

As for the look of the restaurant, we're promised something a bit unique. Sven’s partner Kae (who is a chocolatier with her own shop on London City Island and also makes the chocolate for the restaurant) has brought in her uncle, a monk and ceramicist, for the Japanese ceramics produced in Ibaraki. The wool and skins in the restaurant will be from their own animals and they'll use charcoal made from bones and plant matter from the farm. No - that doesn't sound like the ideal restaurant for vegans. 

The bar will be called Bar Rex and will also be a shop. There will be around 300 wines on offer here, and a separate menu featuring seafood, charcuterie, seasonal, simple vegetable dishes and British cheese and chocolate.

Finally, the gallery space will be upstairs with exhibitions from London artists. 


More about Oxeye

Where is it? 14 New Union Sq., Embassy Gardens SW11 7AX

When does it open? October 2021

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @oxeyerestaurant


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