Carmel comes to Queen's Park from the Berber & Q team

Carmel comes to Queens Park from the Berber & Q team

3/11/21 - updated with the opening date

The team behind Berber & Q, Brothers Josh and Paul Katz and Mattia Bianchi, are getting ready to open a new restaurant in Queen's Park. Carmel will be both a bit of a departure from what came before, but still with a touch of inspiration from North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. It's arriving on Lonsdale Road, just done the road from the excellent Milk Beach

This time, it's an all-day restaurant with things kicking off for a breakfast that includes challah French toast with crème fraiche, blackberry compote and macadamia - one more to add to London's love of French toast. Alongside that will be shakshuka with confit tomato, avocado, and tahini. 

From lunch, they'll have Middle Eastern flatbreads with toppings including Spinach & Tulum Cheese, Sweetcorn & Goat Merguez and ‘Charred Leeks & Anchovy. They'll also be available to take away from a handy hatch. 

Other dishes on the menu (with the larger plates only available in the evening) include:

  • Blackened aubergine with tehina and smacked cucumber
  • Grilled cheese sandwich with rose harissa and quince
  • Mussles escabeche bruschetta
  • Grilled harissa-marinated prawns with courgette tzatziki
  • Swaledale Tamworth pork chops with confit garlic, preserved lemon and borlotti.
  • Grilled turbot and clams with fennel and cherry tomatoes
  • Sweet potato gnocchi with burnt aubergine, yoghurt and chilli butter
  • Whole roast cauliflower with pomegranate agrodolce and walnut.
  • Chocolate, rose and cardamom torte
  • Grilled pineapple with urfa chilli syrup & pomegranate.

Wines, with a list run by Mattia Bianchi, will focus on low intervention. As for the look, there will be a long sharing table (echos of Berber & Q there) as well as counter seats overlooking the kitchen, alongside space for about 30 outside. 

All in all, sounds like a very promising addition to the area. 

Carmel comes to Queens Park from the Berber & Q team


More about Carmel

Where is it? Lonsdale Road, Queen’s Park NW6 6RR

When does it open? 30 November 2021

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @carmelrestaurantldn


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