Arcade Food Hall is relaunching at Centre Point with all-new food and JKS restaurants taking over

Arcade Food Hall is relaunching at Centre Point with all-new food and JKS restaurants taking over

What: Arcade Food Hall

In a nutshell: Next-level food court cuisine

Summing it all up: Hugely popular with central London’s shopping masses when it opened in July 2019, its welcome return is in a slightly new guise, thanks to JKS Restaurants (Gymkhana, Hoppers) who are masterminding the relaunch.

The low-down

Back in the glory days of pre-pandemic dining, we took a Test Drive of Arcade Food Theatre, as it was then known, when it launched at Oxford Street’s Centre Point in July 2019. Having been temporarily closed while Oxford Street was home to more tumbleweeds than people, it’s coming back with a vengeance, thanks to JKS Restaurants who are behind the relaunch. They're the people behind Gymkhana and Trishna as well as backing BAO, Kitchen Table and more. So we should expect big things here. 

And it's now a digital food hall: a sign of our new socially distanced times. Where previously you could receive a text message to physically collect your orders from the various kitchen counters, now there’s an option to place a single order from your table that will bring any of the myriad food and drink choices to you.

While the exact details of the chefs and restaurants are under wraps for now, fans of the previous incarnation won’t be disappointed to learn the variety of cuisines on offer is on par with what came before. And for the international-travel-frustrated, it sounds like you can virtually travel the globe.

Expect eight new kitchens churning out:

  • Spanish tapas
  • Japanese sushi
  • American-style burgers
  • North Indian fast food
  • regional Thai curries
  • Indonesian street food
  • Middle Eastern shawarma

In terms of seating arrangements, there’ll be outdoor dining as well as an independent restaurant on the mezzanine level (that's where TOU was previously), a standalone bar, and two counter-dining options. Or you can just pop in to pick up your daily essentials (coffee, pastries, lunchtime sandwiches) from a dedicated counter. We’re rather excited by the sounds of an ‘immersive dessert experience’ from one of the UK’s confectionery connoisseurs. Any guesses?


More about Arcade Food Hall

Where is it? 103-105 New Oxford Street, London WC2H 8LH

When does it open? 2022

Find out more: Visit the Arcade Food Hall website or follow them on Instagram @arcadelondon.


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