Hill & Szrok open Stella's butcher shop on Newington Green

Hill & Szrok get ready to open a butcher and bar on Newington Green

They've been going strong on Broadway Market and now Hill and Szrok are stretching their wings with a second location called Stella's on Newington Green (The new place isn't called Hill & Szrok as original chef Alex Szrok has moved on).

If you're unaware of them, at their current location they're butcher by day, restaurant by night. This new place has launched on the butchery side of things (whether they will follow the Hill and Szrok approach later is unknown). 

They describe themselves as a "small herd, whole-carcass butchers, supporting sustainable local farming" so if you're in the Newington Green area, should be well worth a look.


More about Stella's

Where is it? 101 Newington Green Rd, London N1 4QY

When did it open? 2 December 2021

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @hillandszrok and @stellas_n1.


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