Four Legs are turning The Auld Triangle in Finsbury Park into The Plimsoll

four legs the plimsoll finsbury park

What: The Plimsoll

In a nutshell: Four Legs are opening their own pub in Finsbury Park

Summing it all up: After two years building up a stellar rep for their burger and other dishes at Islington's The Compton Arms, the team at Four Legs have bought their own boozer in Finsbury Park.

The low-down

Touted as one of the best burger purveyors in London, the folks at Four Legs are hoping that their new home in Finsbury Park will showcase a much wider repertoire of food.

The team built up quite the reputation during their two years at The Compton Arms in Islington. Now they're hoping The Plimsoll, their new pub, will focus on food in the weekdays, while "weekends will be for the drinkers and pub lovers."

The pub's well known by Arsenal supporters as it's on the route from Finsbury Park station to the stadium. And while it was most recently an Irish pub, the renaming to The Plimsoll takes it back to its roots - it was opened in the Victorian era as The Plimsoll Arms. The pub sits on the corner of St Thomas's Road and Plimsoll Road (which - should you care to know, isn't named for the footwear but the former resident of the road who came up with the nautical Plimsoll Line).

Although they're the first to say "It’s a proper boozer and we intend to leave it that way" they do want to make some changes. To help fund the transformation of the pub, they're launching a Kickstarter which, among other things, will create space the kitchen team can use for curing meats, making cheeses and brewing booze.

For beer they're promising a mix of some new additions with what the regulars expect along with "very good Guinness". Food wise you'll be able to get half a dozen oysters to go with that pint, they'll have seafood from day boats, and use meat from smaller farms. But don't worry, there will be always be a cheeseburger on the menu.

four legs the plimsoll finsbury park


More about The Plimsoll

Where is it? 52 St Thomas’s Road, London N4 2QW

When does it open? September 2021

How to support via the Kickstarter: Find details of that here 

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @fourlegs_ldn


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