Stroud Green deli pays tribute by renaming itself for Delia Smith's 80th birthday

delia at 80 stroud green

Next week, one of the UK's biggest cookery names turns 80. Yes, Delia Smith celebrates her birthday on 18 June and one North London deli has found the perfect way to honour her.

The Stroud Green store Deli at 80 will rename itself Delia at 80 for the week. Staff will garb themselves in vintage Norwich Football tops (the team Delia co-owns), there'll be Delia bunting and even a collection of the food writer's vintage cookery books.

The decision to honour the writer and broadcaster comes from the store's chef Ben Wooles. "I was first inspired to become a chef by Delia and her delicious food that my Grandma cooked," says Ben. "Grandma always used to say “don’t thank me...thank Delia!” I couldn’t miss the opportunity to pay homage to Delia on the occasion of her 80th birthday”.

Customers wanting to pay homage can pick up some recipe kits at the store to help them make some of Delia's most famous recipes - including Lazy Summer Soup and Strawberry Granita. There'll be boozy Delia Pina Colada Slushies on offer for the week and you can even pick up a Delia mask to get in on the fun.


More about Delia at 80

Where is it? 80 Stroud Green Road, London N4 3EN

When? The festivities run from 14-20 June 2021

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @the_deli_at_80


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