Hongdae Pocha is a new Korean pub in the heart of Soho

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What: Hongdae Pocha

In a nutshell: Retro Korean pub in Soho

Summing it all up: Bringing Korean drinking culture to London, Hongdae Pocha is serving up hotpots, soju cocktails and more.

The low-down

London's Korean food scene is certainly heating up post-lockdown. Last week, we brought you news of the new corndog and ddukbokki spot Bunsik on Charing Cross Road. Now in the heart of Soho, there's a new Korean pocha - or pub.

Hongdae Pocha has just opened on Romilly Street (it took over the Ninniku space). Owner Jae Choi told Hot Dinners he wants it to "to encapsulate the ambience of retro-Korea, and the drinking culture of the working class during the 70’s and 80’s"

To that end, the whole place is done out in 70s retro style. And, if you haven't been to Korea, Choi is promising that this is the next closest thing, "a glimpse, if not the full experience of Korea and our culture through our foods, drinks, and most importantly, the ambience."

The menu's split into snacks, signature dishes and lunchtime-only specials. On the former, you'll find kimchi jeon, bo ssam and tteok bok ki rice cakes. The signature dishes are a little more involved so there's:

  • Hongdae chicken - crispy soft fried chicken
  • Makchang BBQ - pork fat-end Korean BBQ with veg
  • Bulgogi Mushrom jeongol - soy marinated beef and mixed veg hotpot

The drinks list focuses strongly on soju with various cocktails and highballs. Plus, there's Korean plum, mulberry and rice wines along with Korean beers to enjoy. So if you fancy an entree into Korean drinking culture, you need to head on down to Soho to check this out.


More about Hongdae Pocha

Where is it? 26 Romilly St, London W1D 5AJ

How to book: Email support@hongdaepocha.com

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @hongdae.pochalondon


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