First look - Harrods opens its new Chocolate Hall, the final food hall to be revamped

roomA look into the new Chocolate Hall. SO MUCH CHOCOLATE!

So Harrods has had the builders in over lockdown?

It's actually the culmination of a project that's taken several years - a complete overhaul of all the food halls at Harrods. We've already talked about The Roastery and Bake Hall, The Fresh Market Hall,and The Dining Hall and now the last hall has just been revealed - The Chocolate Hall.

They've been selling chocolate for a while?

150 years in fact, with the first confectionary counter opening way back in 1870. They started making their own chocolate in the early 20th century and had made over 100 tonnes of the stuff by the 1970s. Yes, it's fair to say chocolate is a big thing for Harrods. 

So what's changed, design-wise?

Like all the other halls, everything looks much brighter. The design by David Collins Studio features all the classic tilework having been painstakingly restored by hand. So it has a brand new look, but still retains the classic Harrods feel. 

roomEven the chefs get chandeliers - this is where you can see the magic happening.

What about sourcing and sustainability?

For all new chocolate and all the chocolate they produce themselves, they're committing to only use responsibly-sourced cocoa, including buying from farmers direct where possible and paying a premium. 

Whose chocolate can we find here?

Many chocolate favourites can be found in the hall including Pierre Marcolini, William Curley, Godiva (yes, there will be chocolate dipped strawberries), and many more besides. You can also find the very high-end To'ak chocolates, made from rare Ecuadorian Nacional cacao beans through a special fermenting process. Those chocolates even come with a special tasting tray and tongs so that they're unsullied by your own hands. 

roomA selection of the beautiful looking Harrods bonbons. They do a mean salted caramel along with seasonal specials like these yuzu and coconut bonbons.

roomLoving the look of the mushroom-shaped pralines.

roomWe'd like all of these, please, particularly this bread and butter slab made with toasted crumbs from Harrods' own sourdough.

roomThe bestselling gold bar. 

And how about Harrods own chocs?

They'll still have the Harrods Gold Bar - a perennial bestseller and much of the chocolate production is overseen by their Head Pastry Chef Alistair Bert. You'll be able to see the Harrods chefs make chocolate directly in the hall itself as they create bonbons, chocolate bars, chocolate dipped confit fruit and more. 

So yes, if chocolate is your thing - you'll want to make a trip to the new hall. Here's another look:


More about The Harrods Chocolate Hall

Where is it? Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @harrodsfood.


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