Blacklock kick off a hot food delivery service - with buns, chops, nuggets and charcoal grilled chicken

Blacklock launch hot delivery on Deliveroo

While we wait impatiently for restaurants to reopen, one London favourite is dashing ahead and launching its first hot delivery service. Blacklock are kicking off a new delivery service this coming weekend which will deliver hot meals for the first time.

And what a menu it is, split into buns, chops, meat-free and chicken along with sides, sauces, puddings and drinks.

The buns - described as "Blacklock cuddles in a bun" comprise a burger, steak sarnie and a pigs head bun. There are two chop dishes - thick cub lamb chops and dictionary thick pork chops. Both, you'll be pleased to hear come with their flatbread to soak up the juices.

Serving chicken will be a first for Blacklock - the chickens in question comes from a free-range farm in Devon and they're chargrilled served whole, half, or as a 'chop' for solo diners.

As you might expect, there's loads on the menu to please - here are just some of the highlights.

  • Pigs head nuggets - "Legally addictive, we are pleased to confirm. Dunk liberally in gravy for added comfort"
  • BFC - "Blacklock Fried Chicken. Tender thighs are tumbled in spice and fried in beef dripping"
  • 10-hour ash roasted sweet potato - "Potatoes sleep overnight in the dying embers of the barbecue awakening tender and smokey the morning after."
  • Terry's chocolate orange doughnuts

Delivery begins on Friday, starting with Shoreditch, expanding soon after to Battersea/Wandsworth, then Camden and Wood Green shortly after.


More about Blacklock hot delivery

When? Launches 5 March 2021 in Shoreditch. 19 March in Battersea/Wandsworth. Wood Green will be on 1 April (no joke!) and Camden in late April.

How to order: Find them on Deliveroo

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @blacklockchops


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