Four Legs are teaming up with Yard Sale for a cheeseburger pizza

four legs and yard sale cheeseburger pizza

What happens when the creators of one of London's great burgers gets together with one of the city's great pizza groups? Well, you're about to find out.

Next week, Four Legs - the folks responsible for this amazing cheeseburger, are launching the results of their collaboration with Yard Sale Pizza.

The Four Your Legs Only cheeseburger pizza will feature a tomato base, Fior di latte Mozzarella, ground beef a la Four Legs, jalepeonos, American cheese, red onions, pickles and will be served with a burger sauce dip.

It'll be available on delivery across London (as long as you're close to one of Yard Sale's six locations). 


More about The Four Your Legs Only pizza

When? On sale throughout March 2021

Find out more: Visit the Yard Sale website or follow them on Instagram @yardsalepizza


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