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Restaurants will be reopening on 12 April (at the earliest)

So, Boris has made his statement and we finally have a much better idea of when restaurants will open. 

There are to be four stages of reopening in general (although, somewhat confusingly, two dates within stage 1) with restaurants and bars starting in stage two.

Here's how that's looking:

  • 8 March: Schools reopen, people allowed to meet in pairs in a public place for a drink or picnic. 
  • 29 March: Outdoor gatherings of six or more allowed (including in private gardens). 
  • 12 April: Restaurants and pubs can open outdoors. There will be no further restrictions, like the requirement for a substantial meal or a curfew. 
  • 17 May: Restaurants and pubs can reopen for eating and drinking inside. Hotels will also reopen and friends and family from two households can also meet indoors. 
  • 21 June:  Everything else reopens, including nightclubs and all restrictions on meeting up with other people are lifted. 

Making it much easier for everyone to keep track of things will be the removal of curfews and substantial meals. As the Prime Minister said: "Honourable members will be relieved there will be no curfew and the Scotch egg debate will be over, because there will be no requirement for alcohol to be accompanied by a substantial meal."

Note that seven days before each of these dates, these details will be re-confirmed. If any of them slip - the remaining dates will change accordingly too. 

So - things are looking up, and we have something to aim towards. Now let's just hope the weather behaves on 12 April...


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