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There's another lockdown - here's what's changing

Here we go again. As of today, we're all in another national lockdown - and that means the rules are changing. Without beating around the bush - here's what you need to know:

  • There's a stay at home order in place - which means only going out for "basic necessities" (which includes food), exercise or certain other exceptions.
  • Restaurants can still deliver food and are open for takeaway and click & collect.
  • However, takeaway alcohol is now banned from restaurants and pubs (delivery is fine, though). So no more pints from the pub door.
  • Essential retail can remain open - so that's food shops, supermarkets and off-licences (phew!). 
  • This lockdown will be in place until mid-February at the very earliest (but is more likely going to run till March). 

Apart from that - as far as London is concerned, not too much changes as restaurants and bars were already shut. 

As ever, Hot Dinners will be here to bring you all the info about food and drink deliveries to help make your lockdown a little bit more bearable. So keep a constant eye on our Staying In Guide.


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