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charles campion has died

2020 continue to be a kick-in-the-teeth year with the news that respected food writer and broadcaster Charles Campion has died.

The death of the writer, restaurant critic and MasterChef regular was announced on Christmas Eve by his friend and fellow broadcaster Dan Saladino who said he'd "never forget our adventures in the land of boudin noir and the programmes we made together. Farewell friend."

Many of the restaurants Campion reviewed for the Standard have since closed, but a few remain in business. Of Hammersmith's Indian Zing he declared: "In each and every dish the kitchen gets the spicing just about perfect and this shows in the way that each meal has its own distinct personality." At Vauxhall's Hot Stuff he told readers it was "one place where the 'specials' repay investigation" - and enjoyed eavesdropping on what was surely an MI5/CIA lunch out. While Harrow Road's Behesht was complimented for being "a cheerful place that serves sound food at bargain prices and the decor with its waterfalls is a fabulous bonus."

William Sitwell published a heartfelt post on Instagram in which he described Campion thus; "Of all the critics I have ever known he was surely the definitive, professional eater...But it is not how he ate or the amount he ate that is his legacy. To me it’s the excitement he had in conveying news of brilliant places he discovered and knew of; little restaurants, run with passion by people who really knew what they were doing; be it a family-run curry house by a main road in Droitwich or an established London place that he knew was reliably fabulous."

Many of the folk who'd been lucky enough to work with Campion over the years took to social media to remember him.

Charles Campion 17 October 1951 – 23 December 2020


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