Golden Gai is Angelina's Soho spin-off bar

Golden Gai is Angelina's Soho spin-off bar

What: Golden Gai

In a nutshell: The bar from Angelina comes to Soho

Summing it all up: The original Golden Gai was a six-seater bar in Angelina in Dalston. This Soho spin-off is a much larger affair but will continue the mix of Italian and Japanese flavours in the food and drink. 

The low-down

Angelina - the restaurant with a menu that's a mix of Italian and Japanese - has been a big hit in Dalston since it opened last year, gaining a fan in Jay Rayner along the way. Now they're coming to the centre of town, opening Golden Gai, a new bar in Soho. 

Taking over the space from Vetro, the same Italian/Japanese mix from Angelina will be seen in both the cocktail and food menus here. Golden Gai takes its inspiration from the original six-seater bar at Angelina (although it seems to have ditched the mobile phone ban along the way). It'll have a regularly changing menu, with starting dishes including:

  • An Italian cheese board with Japanese additions such as aged tofu with Moromi-miso
  • Chicken karaage
  • Otoro (tuna) with lardo
  • Piadine (folded flatbreads with melted Italian cheese), with toppings such as caviar and fresh truffle.

As for the cocktails list, there are new cocktails from head bartender Wilson Salemos, who will be heading up Golden Gai. They include

  • Itameshi - Vin Santo, Montanaro Rosso, whisky and fish dashi
  • The Ceremonial Sour - Yama matcha with matcha Kit Kat, double cream and coffee

There's also a wine milk punch, made using waste white wine mixed with milk and filtered until clear. That's being used in their Milk & Melograno - pomegranate punch with grappa, sake and rum. As for the look of the place, expect it to be fully decked out with flora with plants and trees throughout the bar. 

Golden Gai is Angelina's Soho spin-off bar


More about Golden Gai

Where is it? 16A D'Arblay Street, London W1F 8EA

When does it open? 4 December 2020

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @goldengai.soho.


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