Hoppers celebrate a fifth birthday with their new Cash & Kari delivery service

Hoppers celebrate a fifth birthday with their new Cash & Kari delivery service

Today, it's been five years since Sri Lankan restaurant Hoppers launched their first restaurant in Soho (along with long queues). To mark the occasion, they're kicking off their own delivery store called ‘Kalupol Chicken. It's starting with a range of spices, pantry items, snacks, ‘kari-home’ meal kits, bottled cocktails and Hoppers merchandise - with more being added in the coming months. 

Kari-home kits (a mix of ready to eat and cook-at-home dishes) that will be available on launch include the  Paneer Kothu (£30 for 2-3 people); Lamb Kothu (£30 for 2-3 people); and the Kalupol Chicken (£45 for 3-4 people). Each one comes with everything you need for a full meal - so the Kalupol Chicken includes:

  • Banana Chips
  • Mutton Rolls with Sri Lankan Hot Sauce
  • Roast Kalupol Chicken
  • Pol Rotis
  • Seeni Sambol
  • Lunu Miris
  • Carrot and Coriander Sambol
  • Choco-Coco Biskut Puddings

On the drinks front, there will be Hoppers own range of collaboration beers such as the Toddy Ale and the Tropical Lager that you might recognise from the restaurants, plus a couple of pre-bottled cocktails such as the White Ruby Punch (Ceylon Arrack, white port, kumquat, and jasmine tea) and the Arrack Attack made with Ceylon Arrack, house ginger beer and coriander seeds.

And if you like the idea of cooking up some Sri Lankan dishes from scratch at home there’s also a range of Cash & Kari’s own spices such as kalupol, Maldive fish pieces, and Jafna curry powder. 


More about Hoppers Cash & Kari

Delivery range: Nationwide

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @HoppersLondon


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