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Joy at Portobello and JKS launch new delivery services with Pastaio, Gymkhana and more

With the uncertainty of Covid restrictions over the next few months, we're seeing more restaurants embracing delivery as a more or less permanent back-up for the foreseeable future. The most recent to enter the ring are from JKS group (Gymkhana) and Stevie Parle's Joy at Portobello. 

Starting with JKS - they're launching The Ambassador General Store which is a team-up from Gymkhana, Brigadiers and Trishna. At the heart of that offering will be three finsh-at-home meal "experience" boxes from the three restaurants - the best of Gymkanna, a mixed grill box from Brigadiers and a seafood box from Trishna. Here's what the Gymkhana box gets you:

  • Poppadoms and Chutneys
  • Gol Guppas, Jal Jeera
  • Kid Goat Methi Keema, Salli, Pao
  • Tandoori Masala Lamb Chops
  • Wild Muntjac Biryani, Pomegranate and Mint Raita
  • Dal Maharani, Makai Saag and Garlic Naans

Those boxes will be complemented by beers and ready-made cocktails from their online Daru Shop. 

You can find the Ambassador General Store here. Delivery is nationwide.

Joy at Portobello and JKS launch new delivery services with Pastaio, Gymkhana and more

Moving onto Joy, that brings some of the best of Stevie Parle's Flora and Pastaio online for delivery. From Flora, there will be whole cooked lobster, chilled and served with aioli, American plum pie, double-baked chocolate cake, jars of freshly made salsa verde and lots more. 

From Pastaio, you can order their fresh pasta, alongside sauces like 8-Hour beef and porcini bolognaise sauce. They also have all the amazing produce that you might have seen in the Joy shop if you've been up to the restaurant in Portobello Dock. 

You can find the Joy store here.


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