Dalston's Snackbar launches a comfort food delivery service

Dalston's Snackbar launches a comfort food delivery service

Freddie Janssen's Dalston cafe Snackbar has been a big hit since it opened last year, and they've continued to evolve with the pandemic, launching a Snackbar delivery service just a day after the lockdown. Now they've completely reworked that as a permanent part of the cafe - called Snackbar at Home. 

It's specifically designed for those people working from home - that's most of us, then - and it's all about comfort food delivered right to your door (with something of a focus on being absolutely ideal if you've a teeny bit of a hangover from the night before). Here's a preview of what's on offer - and yes it all looks extremely enticing:

  • The Snacky Meal, a SnackMuffin filled with house-made pork sausage, a fried egg and American cheese with a dill pickle hash brown and freshly made lemonade
  • A baguette loaded with Coronation Chicken salad and pickles with poppadoms (we've had a version of this - and it's ACE).
  • Vegan Sloppy Joe,a sesame bun with pickled shiitake mushrooms and freshly made mushroom crisps on the side
  • Filet O Fish Finger Sandwich, with a milk bun, crispy beer-battered fish, American cheese, tartare sauce made with house pickles and salt and vinegar crisps
  • Mission Burrito made with bavette steak, rice, slow-cooked beans and cheese with salsa verde guacamole.
  • A Kimcheese Croissant, stuffed with Snackbar kimchi, Montgomery Cheddar and Stichelton
  • A chocolate cookie made with Pump St chocolate and rye
  • Vegan-friendly banana bread made with tahini and Minor Figures oat milk.

They'll be using bread from Stoke Newington's Spence Bakery and cheese from Neal's Yard as well as selling ice cream sandwiches from Happy Endings.

As for drinks, there will be cocktails from Empirical Spirits - including the wonderfully named "Fuck Trump And His Stupid Fucking Wall" mixed with grapefruit soda from Hackney-based Three Cents, served with a Gordal olive. House made soft drinks will also be available as well as wines like the ever-popular Chin Chin Vinho Verde. 

As Freddie says:

It’s the kind of sink-your-teeth-into comfort food that makes you feel good about yourself, made with top quality ingredients, punchy flavours, and lots of pickles (obviously!).

Dalston's Snackbar launches a comfort food delivery service


More about Snackbar at Home

When does it start? 14 October 2020, Wednesday - Sunday between 12pm and 3pm.

Delivery range: 2 miles from Snackbar

How to order: On the website

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @snackbarlondon.


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