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The Berenjak Bazaar adds new kababs, a mazeh box and more...

Their kabab kits are coming in for high praise and now Berenjak is going one step further with the launch of Berenjak Bazaar - designed to be a one-stop-shop for Persian feasting. 

As well as the original kabab kit - they're adding something new, the Kabab e Tond kit which features both poussin and lamb rump. As before, it comes with the metal skewers and lavish bread so you can create the best kabab possible.

They also have a Mazeh Box - a collection of their most popular starters, including Mast O Khiar (natural yoghurt, cucumber, mint and green raisins), Kashk e Bademjoon (coal cooked aubergine, whey, walnuts, dried mint and onions), Black Truffle Olivieh (Corn fed chicken mayo salad with potato, egg, salted cucumbers and black truffle), Hummus and Sangak Bread. And yes, that olivieh DOES sound amazing. 

Drinks-wise, they have two new cocktails - the Cherry Manhattan (250 ml pouch) and a bottle of Watermelon Shum–Pine (Victory Pink Gin, Red Verjus, Rose Petal Tea, Watermelon Fizz). We were actually sent those cocktails along with some Pofak (a huge bag of Iranian cheetos) and can easily recommend. 

And finally, they have plenty of the extra ingredients you'll need for a proper Persian feast, including musir, dried limes, barberries and more. 


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Delivery range: Nationwide

Find out more: Find the shop here, and follow them on Instagram @berenjaklondon.

The Berenjak Bazaar adds new kababs, a mazeh box and more...


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