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Smokestak are delivering BBQ and DIY bun kits across London and the UK

Smokestak are already smoking up a storm for north and east Londoners every Friday and Saturday - but if you've been missing out, then news of their new DIY boxes, delivering across London (and the UK) will be very welcome. 

Everything will be smoked in Shoreditch, for up to 15 hours over kiln-dried English oak in Smokestak owner David Carter's Ole Hickory wood-fired smoker. Then everything will be vacuum-packed and sent out overnight - in plenty of time for your weekend barbecue. As ever, the meat will be from their suppliers Philip Warren Butchers and Swaledale.

On the menu will be 15-hour beef brisket, brined and pulled pork shoulder, dry-rubbed pork belly and chilli and fennel sausage, all weighed out by the pound. But if you want them to do the selecting for you, there's a 4-pound box featuring pound of each, alongside barbecue sauces and house pickles. If you need even more meat, there will be 30-day dry-aged beef rib racks too.

DIY bun boxes are also available, with four soft buns and a choice of:

  • Brisket, house barbecue sauce and pickled red chilli
  • Pork belly with mustard barbecue sauce and pickled cucumber
  • Pulled pork with stout barbecue sauce and ginger slaw.

Finally - they'll be delivering their sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel and pre-made cocktails like Smokestak’s grapefruit negroni and burnt peach old fashioned.

Smokestak are delivering BBQ and DIY bun kits across London and the UK


More about Smokestak

Where is it? 35 Sclater St, Shoreditch, London E1 6LB

When are they delivering? London-wide delivery from Friday 3 July 2020, nationwide delivery from Friday 31 July

How to order: On the Smokestak website.

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @smokestakUK.


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