Yard Sale and Mangal II team up for a kebab/pizza mash-up


If you've ever been stuck wondering whether you fancied a pizza or a kebab more - then the answer is simple. You need Yard Sale's latest collaboration which allows you to have both at the same time! 

The pizza group have teamed up with Dalston institution Mangal II for The Mangoal II. As the name suggests, the collaboration was going to be to celebrate Euro 2020 - but now it's celebrating the return of the Premier League instead.

The pizza base is one of Yard Sale’s signature double-fermented dough bases, and is topped with tomato sauce that’s been spiked with Aleppo chilli, sumac-infused onions, Turkish Çökelek cheese, Mangal’s lamb Adana kofte, and finished with garlic sauce. The best of both pizza and kebab worlds.

With the football theme in mind, they're also giving away classic football shirts, through a raffle in aid of the charity Football Beyond Borders.


More about Yard Sale

Where are they? Clapton, Finsbury Park, Walthamstow, Leytonstone, Hackney Road

When is the pizza on sale? 17 June - 15 July 2020

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @yardsalepizza.

Photo by Justin De Souza


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