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Chin Chin puts their nitro to use with ice cream by post

We've seen plenty of ice cream sent by Deliveroo or UberEats, knowing that a tub can take a 20-minute trip without melting. But we definitely didn't think it was possible to put a tub of ice cream in the post. But now Chin Chin are here to prove us wrong. 

They'll be using their liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream, which means that it can stay cold for up to 32 hours, more than enough time to make it the length of the country (via DPD). Each £15 box they sell will have three 260ml tubs with flavours that change seasonally - starting with Burnt Butter Caramel, Tonka Bean & Childhood Strawberry Milk (with vegan options coming soon).

There are also extra toppings available to buy including bee pollen honeycomb, gold chocolate popping candy and more if you fancy pimping the final result. 


More about Chin Chin by post

How to order: On their website

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @chinchinicecream.


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