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Now it's time for the return of the McDonald's breakfast

If there's one thing the lockdown has taught us very clearly, it's the "you won't miss it until it's gone" lesson. This was proved with McDonald's which was something of a guilty pleasure before lockdown, but the simple quarterpounder with cheese had transformed into the holy grail by the time it returned a couple of weeks back. And it's the same with the breakfast - because we'd kill for a Sausage McMuffin right now, if we're being honest. 

But now there's the news that the McDonald's brekkie menu is on the way back (for delivery, anyway). The plan is to start up again with a limited menu from 24 June - but only at a few venues to start with (with no guarantee they'll be in London, alas). And that is literally all we know at the moment - but we're at least assuming that sausage or bacon and egg McMuffins will be back, along with hash browns.

Who knows, maybe pubs will be open then, so McDonald's will be able to perform their true service as the ultimate hangover food. 

We'll update this as soon as we hear more. 


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