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Mei Mei is coming back to Borough - and delivering nationwide too 

If you're a fan of Elizabeth Haigh's Mei Mei, as we were, or didn't manage to visit it in Borough Market before the lockdown - we have some good news. 

Not only will Mei Mei be back in action in Borough Market this week, but there's a growing range of goods on its website that you can order for delivery nationwide.

The Mei Mei market and deli sells Sambal chilli paste with shrimp, Singapore curry powder, meat rendang spice mix, chilli sauce and most importantly, Kaya coconut jam - so you can create that amazing Kaya Toast at home every morning. They're also getting ready to launch an all-in-one Kaya Toast Brunch Kit and a Nasi Lemak meal kit soon. 

As for local offerings, they'll be open for pick-up and on Deliveroo from Friday 12 June. From the market, you can pick up hot dog milk buns, ham and cheese rolls, pandan milk buns with kaya and Cheese and onion rolls. They'll also be delivering the signature Hainanese chicken rice, fried chicken rice, Nasi lemak, captain's curry, Bak Chor Mee (minced pork noodles with pork balls, chicken and pork broth) and Gado Gado (mixed vegetables and tofu salad with spice peanut dressing).

And on top of that, they'll have buckets of Mei Mei fried chicken. Their fried chicken is wonderful - so this comes highly recommended. We'll take two, please. 


More about Mei Mei

Where is it? Unit 52 Jubilee Place, 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL

When do they reopen? Friday 12 June, then pick-up: Tuesday - Saturday 10am-3pm; Deliveroo: Friday 6pm - 9.30pm, Saturday 5pm - 9.30pm.

How to order: From their online shop or on Deliveroo

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @meimeilondon.


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