Yauatcha's rainbow dumplings are helping feed hungry kids

yauatcha rainbow dumplings

Well, now - aren't these pretty? These gloriously rainbow coloured potstickers are a dish to order that'll not only brighten your day but start someone else's off well too.

Yauatcha have brought them in for the month of June and, for every box purchase, they'll donate a whole month of breakfasts for a child via the charity Magic Breakfast.

The seven rainbow dumplings are:

  • Red - filled with Szechuan tenderloin beef
  • Orange - cumin-spiced lamb
  • Yellow - chicken and chive
  • Green - mushroom and bamboo pith
  • Blue - seafood and spinach
  • Indigo - pork and prawn
  • Violet dumpling - truffle sweet potato.

It really is a win/win situation. You get the dumplings and Magic Breakfast continues their sterling work to ensure that no child in school is too hungry to learn.


More about Yauatcha

How to order: The Yauatcha Rainbow dumplings are available for delivery through Deliveroo, Supper and Uber Eats across East and West London. They're £33.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @yauatchasoho


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