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Padella enter the DIY game with cook-at-home pasta kits

The good news is that Padella is going to be doing pasta deliveries from this weekend. The bad news is that, to begin with, you have to be in either Hackney or Islington to avail yourself of the service.

If you do happen to be in either of those boroughs then you can order up one of two pasta kits to cook up at home in less than five minutes. The options are their famous pappardelle beef shin ragu, which Grace Dent memorably namechecked for having "soothed me through many a filthy review, and an exiting husband", and their tagliarini with tomato sauce.

Orders are via their website and will be delivered using the oh-so-eco-friendly Pedal Me bicycles.


More about Padella

How to order: On their website (from 6pm, 27 May 2020).

Delivery range: Hackney or Islington only. 

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @padella_pasta


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