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kake by chisou delivering luxury donburi bowls in london

With delivery and dining-in rather than out becoming the new normal, it's not at all surprising that some London restaurants are catering to the luxury end of the market.

Enter Kaké by Chisou - a new high-end option for the Chelsea set. As a spin-off from the sushi restaurant, it's a delivery-only option specialising in "super luxury donburi (rice bowls)...Think the best fatty tuna, wagyu beef and caviar on beautifully cooked Japanese rice." With donburi bowls featuring caviar, lobster and wagyu this 100% isn't your average delivery option.

As you might imagine, it's also not cheap. A quick squizz at the Deliveroo menu reveals a range of options starting at £30 for a vegetarian version and soaring up to £65 for the full wagyu, caviar and foie gras combo.

Highlights include:

  • Wagyu Fois Gras Tataki - Seared A4 wagyu and fois gras with toppings. Caviar, Béer caramel, truffle furikake, pickled onions, onsen egg. - £65
  • Tuna Three Ways - Toro, chutoro and akami on rice. Marinated Akami, fresh chutoro, seared Otoro with onsen egg and pickles - £55.
  • Vegetable Garden - Three types of cooked vegetable on rice. Baby corn + turnips, aubergine namban tsuke and kinpira jerusalem artichoke. - £30
  • Three Kind Uzutsukuri - Caviar, ponzu oroshi, Seabass, turbot, sea bream. - £40

There's also a short selection of sides - featuring dashi soup with clams or additional caviar (obvs) and a selection of sake to go with it all.


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