BAO launch Cocktail Rescue alongside Rice Error in Hackney

Bao launches Cocktail Rescue alongside Rice Error in Hackney

BAO have been very busy of late. They've recently launched their new home-delivery service Rice Error in Borough and Fitzrovia (you can read more about that here - and look out for a Test Drive next week). Now they're getting ready to bring Rice Error to Hackney - but that's not all. 

Launching in Hackney today is Cocktail Rescue. It sees BAO team up with House of Suntory to launch the Friday/Saturday cocktail delivery service which will be delivering the best of the Bao cocktail list. On the list will be:

  • BAO-HI - Toki Whisky, Salted Citrus Cordial, Peach Bitters £20 for 5 servings
  • Umeshu Negroni - Roku Gin, Plum Sake, Campari £20 for 5 servings
  • Milk-Tea Old Fashioned - Toki Whisky, Taiwanese Tea, Orange £24 for 5 servings

If you want to really impress people and make their lemon tower (see pic) - it'll include illustrated instructions on that in the pack too.  

That's not all Hackney has to look forward to - from next week the latest Rice Error will open there. And something to look forward to will be Rice Error's Guest Box series. That kicks off in June with the great Junya Yamasaki (ex Koya) bringing a Chirashi Rice Box which they say "will put an innovative Japanese twist on the classic BLT"


More about Bao's Cocktail Rescue

When does it start? Cocktail rescue: 22 May 2020, then every Friday, Saturday. Rice Error Hackney: 25 May 2020

Where do they deliver: Friday - E8, E5, N16; Saturday E9, E2  (check website for exact radius) 

How to order: On their website

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @riceerror


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