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Carl Clarke is launching the Future Noodles delivery service 

With hits like Chick N Sours and Chik'n in place - chef and restaurateur Carl Clarke is looking for his next venture - and this time it's all about pot noodles. 

Today, he's kicking off a Kickstarter campaign for Future Noodles. Delivered to your door, it's aiming to be "a nutritionally complete, natural plant-based instant noodle that is affordable, convenient, healthy". And on top of that, it's all backed by a "Buy one, give one" initiative. For every Future Noodle that you order, they'll donate one to charities supporting people suffering from food poverty and homelessness, aiming to feed 50,000 by the end of 2020.

As for the noodles themselves, they're made with "whole wheat flour to provide chewy elasticity to the noodles and super seed chia flour for a nutty flavour" and flavours will include:

  • Spicy Kimchi with natural dehydrated kimchi, fresh dried chillies, Korean chilli flakes and spice
  • Smokey Shiitake and Miso Noodle Soup made to a Japanese recipe with dehydrated shiitakes, earthy, smokey mushroom and tofu puffs for extra protein
  • Super Root Yellow Curry, a rich coconut curry soup made with super root turmeric, lime leaf, coconut milk and freshly ground spices

For every £50K raised, they'll be able to do a flavour listed above - aiming for £150k for all three. 

Here's what Carl has to say:

Working long shifts in the kitchen, my late-night snack would always be Japanese instant noodles and as banging as they tasted, I knew they weren’t good for me. Aware that this is a worldwide problem and the busier our lives are, the unhealthier we all become, I started experimenting as I knew there must be a way to make instant noodles that were not only super tasty, but nutritionally complete. Having consulted some of the UK’s leading nutritionists, scientists and food innovators over the last year, Future Noodles was born.


More about Future Noodles

Where is the Kickstarter? All the details are here

When does it start? It's live now.

Find out more: Follow Carl Clarke on Twitter @discobistroldn

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