Dumplings' Legend reopens for business delivering xiao long bao and more

dumplings legend reopens for xiao long bao delivery and more

Well now, this is welcome news. Given how much Chinatown suffered in a drop off in trade the weeks before lockdown, any signs of revival there are doubly appreciated.

So we're delighted to reveal that one of our favourite hangouts in London, Dumplings' Legend, is back up and running.

The restaurant announced yesterday that it had moved to delivery, with "Stir-fry and Xiao long Bao and our favourite Dumplings platter" on the menu. Most restaurants seem to be serving a truncated delivery menu during the lockdown, but given how big Dumplings' menu was in the first place, there's loads of choice on offer. 

Here's just a very small taste of what you can order:

  • Classic pork xiao long bao
  • Steamed veggie dumplings
  • Preserved egg with red chilli sauce
  • Clear beef broth
  • Taiwanese 3-Cup chicken
  • Golden king prawn with salted egg yolk
  • Mapu tofu with minced pork

And they'll also be doing a variety of roast meat dishes too. 


More about Dumplings' Legend

Where is it? 15-16 Gerrard St, West End, London W1D 6JE

How to order: They're on Deliveroo daily

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @dumplingslegend


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